Saturn Stops Astra Production… For a Whole Year

Saturn Stops Astra Production… For a Whole Year

According to a report on AutoBlog, Saturn will not be producing any more Astra models in the near future. This might sound like a bad thing if you are looking for one of the sporty three-door or five-door hatchbacks, but it actually has a positive spin.

Because demand is so low right now and because there are so many left-over 2008 models, the company is just selling the ’08s through ’09.


Expecting the remainsder of 2009 to be as dark as the beginning Saturn has no plans to restart production until the 2010 model.

So if you are looking for an Astra, now’s the time to get a great deal on a new year old model. Not only are dealers offering 0 percent financing and cash back, but knowing how desperate dealerships are to get rid of the vehicles will certainly put the customer in the driver’s seat.

[Source: AutoBlog]


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