Koenigsegg Quant: We “Quant” Wait to See More of it

Koenigsegg Quant: We “Quant” Wait to See More of it

Not satisfied to sit idly by while every other manufacturer attempts to drop the biggest bomb at (or ahead of as the case may be) the Geneva Auto Show, Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg has teased us with just one image of what might be a new vehicle.

Both terrifyingly evil and achingly beautiful, the sole picture of The Quant could potentially be either a new version of the CCX or a second (and smaller) platform, aimed at taking on the more mainstream exotic market.

Koenigsegg also will use the Geneva show to display its new touchscreen system, which incorporates the navigation, climate control and stereo systems into one screen. The screen will also display gobs of performance data (in true Nissan GT-R style) including a G-force meter, a lap timer and a torque meter. The system will even let drivers adjust the chassis, traction control and paddle-shift times (much like a Ferrari Mannetino).

Koenigsegg says its new ATM paddle-shift transmission makes use of an entirely new gearbox that can sit lower in the chassis for better weight distribution and will deliver shift times of 30 milliseconds – faster than the F430 Scuderia which currently holds the record for the fastest shift times in a street legal car of 60 ms.

We’ll bring you full details from the Geneva Auto Show floor starting March 3rd.