Toyota to Revive MR2 as Hybrid Model

Toyota to Revive MR2 as Hybrid Model

Toyota is planning to bring back the MR2 – this according to AutoExpress.

Toyota VP Masatami Takimoto told staff at the U.K. magazine that, “We are aware of the fondness with which the MR2 is held in the UK and Europe, and are developing a small hybrid sportscar.”

“We have set a tough price point, as it will be easier to sell if it is affordable. It has to be fun to drive, too, which means the hybrid set-up must be different to the Prius’s, with greater responsiveness.”

The small sportscar would be in direct competition to the upcoming Honda CR-Z hybrid sportscar.

At this point it is unclear if Toyota’s engineers intend on building an entirely new hybrid powerplant or on tweaking the one found in the Prius. Perhaps Toyota might also look at the potential hybrid 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine that could potentially come in the Insight Competitor that we reported on yesterday.

Don’t expect any concept vehicles any time soon, however, as Toyota is currently focused on more functional hybrid vehicles that suit a broader population base.

As the artist renderings above suggest, however, Toyota wouldn’t have to look far for design cues for the new MR2, having already created the stunning FT-HS.

GALLERY: Toyota MR2 Hybrid


[Source: AutoExpress]

  • magnetic

    its about time a smile/mile car is back from toyota.

    Akio Toyoda, the driving force behind the Lexus LF-A supercar and the IS-F super saloon, will become the next president and CEO of Toyota, the company announced in Tokyo today.…llCars/237055/
    The 52-year-old Akio Toyoda, grandson of the founder of Toyota, takes over the reins at Toyota this summer and succeeds 66-year-old Katsuaki Watanabe, who has been Toyota chief since 2005.
    Akio Toyoda is currently executive vice president, but has long been expected to eventually head up Japan’s most powerful car company.
    Toyoda is also a confirmed car nut and has raced in the Nurburging 24 hours. Without Toyoda’s support, the Lexus LF-A would never have survived as long as it has inside the Toyota system (even though it’s yet to be confirmed for production). Toyoda himself demonstrated the LF-A at Fuji Speedway late last year at the Toyota Motor Sports Festival.
    Toyoda’s father, Shoichiro Toyoda, was Toyota president between 1982 and 1992 and has been quietly preparing the ground for years to make sure Akio has the right business experience to succeed to the highest post in the company.
    Toyoda takes over at a critical time for the firm, when the recent record-breaking years of profit have suddenly ground to a halt. Toyota, which was not so long ago gunning for 10 million sales a year, has just announced that 2008 sales came in at 8.97 million units, a fall of 4 per cent.
    With the savage market downturn, Toyota is also predicting an operating loss of ¥150 billion (£1.2bn) for the current business year, a big shock for Japan’s richest company.

    I think this is a good thing that toyota gets a racing entusiast as boss. And likely will partisipate more in racing sene. And hopefull they will come back with som nice sportscars again, like mr2/celica/ae86(V2)…n-toyota-suba/

    Katsuaki Watanabe took over the company in 2005 and canned mr2/celica in the line up.
    It was a big mistake to not giving the mr2 the engine it needed. The 190+HP engine the FF celica had.
    If so, it would outsold the mx5, i think.