Volkswagen Secretly Building 266HP AWD GTI-R

Volkswagen Secretly Building 266HP AWD GTI-R

According to the reputable sources at the U.K.’s CAR Magazine, Volkswagen is planing an even meaner version of it’s famed GTI. This even higher performance model, to be called the GTI-R, will make use of VW’s 2.0T engine and create a maximum of 266hp – roughly 60hp more than the upcoming MKVI GTI. The big news, however, isn’t the power but that it will be all-wheel drive.

The lighter turbocharged four-cylinder engine will help offset some of the weight added by the all-wheel drive system, however, VW engineers apparently want to take it a step further. The GTI-R will apparently feature a more basic interior to keep weight at a minimum. At this point it is not known if the car will feature light-weight composite body panels or carbon-fiber bucket seats (but we can hope, can’t we?)

Expect an official reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show in the Fall.

[Source: CAR]

  • Rutledge

    With 2.0L and 266hp it will be awfully peaky. I doubt there will be much low end power. Should be a sweet handler and maybe a EVO/WRX competitor.

  • callum

    Its seems bizarre that Volkswagen didn’t do this earlier, Most people just disregard them as a serious sports car because of their lower power output than their competitors such as the Mazda 3 mazdaspeed and wrx or the front wheel drive transmission puts many buyers off too. I think with the Volkswagen’s legendary refinement, this new model is surely going to be a hit.