Volkswagen to Bring Two Polo Models to the U.S. in 2011

Volkswagen to Bring Two Polo Models to the U.S. in 2011

As we have previously reported, Volkswagen will bring it’s sub-compact Polo to the U.S. but not until 2011. Even more surprising is that the vehicle won’t be the same one that was just unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show.

According to a Automotive News report (soured on AutoBlog) the 2011 Polo will come to the U.S. in two different versions: a sedan and hatchback. VW of America CEO Stefan Jacoby told Automotive News that the current Polo is still too small for the U.S. market – which is surprising because it looked pretty large to us in Geneva.

To resolve this issue, VW will build two new version of the car with a longer wheelbase and a slightly taller roof. The sedan model will be smaller than the Jetta and the four-door wagon/hatchback will be a competitor to the Honda Fit.

Jacoby did say that pricing for the sub-compact would have to be between $13,000 and $15,000 in order to compete in the segment, so expect the final products to have base prices in that range.  In order to achieve that price, the vehicle will likely have to be built in North America – potentially at VW’s Puebla, Mexico plant.

[Source: AutoBlog]

  • Joe Honsberger

    We want the TDI power train.

  • J wallace

    larger, What is wrong with the current size? It looks about the same size as my VW Rabbit. Which has plenty of room for 5 average sized people. Larger simply means more weight and less mpg. In this day in age we need smaller more efficient commuter cars that can take us to work and be used as a back-up family car. If we need a bigger car for the family then buy a jetta or a passat. please leave this car alone and let the people decide if they want to buy this car as is or go for the larger new style rabbit,or jetta, or passat. Also, please offer it in the diesel version. Thanks.