2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI: The Return of the Diesel Golf

2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI: The Return of the Diesel Golf

UPDATED (October 2, 2009): Volkswagen has now officially released details on the 2010 Golf TDI. The new model is rated at 30/41 mpg (city/hwy) for the manual transmission and 32/42 mpg with VW’s advanced DSG automatic transmission. The car is priced from $21,990.

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Noticeably absent from the North American market since 2006, the Volkswagen Golf TDI will return for 2010. The new model was showcased today at the New York Auto Show, along with the high performance GTI (see our review here). There weren’t any standard Golfs on the floor, but we do have info on that model too.

The new Golf TDI will use the same turbo-diesel 2.0-liter motor found in the Jetta TDI Clean Diesel, which is already on sale. Power is rated at 140hp and a significant 236 ft-lbs of torque.

This engine is capable of 42 mpg on the highway and 29 mpg in the city when paired with a six-speed manual transmission.

As for the standard Golf, it will be powered by a 2.5-liter five-cylinder that makes 170hp and 177 ft-lbs of torque. Both a 3-door and 5-door model will be offered with the 3-door coming in two trims (Trendline and Sportline) and the 5-door available in three trims (Trendline, Comfortline and Highline).

The 2010 Golf TDI will be available as both a two-door and four-door model, priced at $21,990 and $22,590 respectively.

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  • Dan S

    The new TDI has almost as much torque out of a 4 cylinder as the baseline ford F150, toyota tundra, and most other 6cyl cars on the road. Now thats impressive. oh yeah and it gets almost 50mpg highway. People are crazy not to go diesel.

  • Jay

    Ah, the 2010 Golf TDI will be my fourth VW diesel. With availablity of xenon headlights, moonroof and cold weather package this is about perfect for me, since I do about 21K miles/year. It’s a little different than my 78 Rabbit diesel with 48 hp!

  • Michael

    Guys…I do live in Germany..the homecountry of Volkswagen.
    I have been driving a Golf with 140 hp engine for 2 years now… and I just love it….its faster than most of the BMWs and Mercedes..and in average I really have a mileage of approx 40-50 per Gallon. I will next year upgrade to a 170 hp TDI which offers another 10 % more in torque….cant wait…..best car in the world..

  • Ted

    Michael can you comment on any issues with the car? Two years of experience is more than what we have here in the states with the 2 liter tdi. How would you rate it from a reliability standpoint? Thanks.

  • Art

    I had a VW TDi minivan (Sharon) in Germany for the last 3 years. The engine had some pep and would run the car to 210kph without too much trouble, but it went through a lot of oil (dealer said it was ‘normal’, also had a 320d BMW that did not burn any oil… oh well).

  • grasspress

    okay. i’m sold. sign me up for the 2010 vw golf tdi.

    as far as burning oil: my 2006 sprinter van (mercedes) burns no oil between changes at 10,000 miles, and there’s plenty room left on the dipstick. i know it’s not a 2 litre tdi but it’s diesel.

  • Montana3802

    I have had my Golf TDI for six years now and still get 50 mpg. I want one of the 2010 Golf TDI’s now.

  • Wain

    I was not planning to buy a new car as i currently drive a 1987 528e Bimmer in top condition with only 250K miles on the original power train with manual tranny the car is flawless but fuel consumption is killing me. I’m anxiously waiting the release of this marvel. By the way my wife drives the 2009 Jetta TDI with manual tranny what a dream, talk about a drivers car.

  • VW TDi

    Hi, love the VW Golf. Either the GTi GTi/R or TDi. Still in doubt which one I will get. One thing that I really cannot understand. Why VW doesn’t sell the TDi with 170hp instead? Why Vw does not give the dual clima control and other electronic features to the US market. They want to keep the price low. That’s fine, but at least give/sell those as an option.

  • kevin

    TDi, the 170hp engine probably would have to have the urea crap to be sold in this country (the 140 doesn’t), and VWoA seems to want to keep its small cars urea-free. Thank the EPA and state of Kalifornia for their (thankfully not successful) efforts to kill off passenger-grade diesel cars in the US. I’m hoping for the GTD to make it over here, because I want the features of a GTI with the torque and mileage of a TDI. GTD= GuaranTeeD sale for me. 🙂

  • allan duarte


  • Norbert David

    I hope there’ll be a leather-free version for us vegetarians and a lower trim level version for those of us who don’t want all the dodads, but really want the diesel.

  • can’t wait in MA

    Does anyone know yet if the 2010 Golf TDI will be available in a four-door, manual transmission? It seems the 09 Rabbit was only available as a two-door stick.

  • Sandy Otting

    Do the front seats both recline in the VW Golf?

  • LK

    bring the GTD to the US — bone heads !
    and don’t wait ’til the end of the year to bring the golf TDI.
    we want the economy and ride of the TDI but not all the “upscale” stuff you force on the Jetta and previous edition of the golf diesel. If you do it this time too, I’m off VW for good !!!

  • Bioshizzle

    Okay, enough with the sweaty, uncomfortable pleather interior in the ’09 Jetta, which kept us from buying a new one and keeps us looking for a nice, used ’06; Vdub, you are now courting a new group of Americans who want a green, fuel efficient, fast TDI with all of the options, including leather. Please save the veggies for the dinner table, and keep the naugahyde as the base option with a nicely appointed ‘package 2’ in the 2010 Jetta and Golf. How about a TDI-GTI?

  • Kai

    It is really unfortunate that VW dealers are not accepting orders for the 2010 Golf TDI. We would be putting our order in today! I have read nothing but good things about this car, and the “real world” fuel consumption is outstanding. I just hope that when they do arrive, our dealer will have one with the options we want! We’re ready to trade in our BMW.

  • Fox3TX

    I learned how to drive in my dad’s ’80 Rabbit (Golf I) Diesel. 1.5L, ~48hp, 4-speed manual, 40+ mpg. Loved it! I currently own a ’95 Golf III with the 2.0L 115hp gasoline engine. My fourth VW. I can’t wait for the new Clean Diesel TDI Golf!

    To VWoA: I hate the current Rabbit (Golf V) for not being available with a manual transmission and the TDI. Give me a 4-door, 5/6-speed manual, TDI Golf with a locking or limited slip diff, and let me put my own stereo and alarm (with remote start, with e-brake safety) in it. A glass sunroof option would be nice. 4-motion as an option (with the manual) would help for the one day a year it snows here in Texas.

    Bring back the VW Rabbit Pickup (Caddy, still sold in other markets), drop a 2.0L TDI in it with a manual transmission (an automatic option for those who need one). 1,105 lbs of payload capacity, 40+ mpg (diesel), and car-like handling. Bring it back!

    VWoA, Real VW enthusiasts want their Golfs, Touaregs, Jettas, etc. with a 5 or 6 speed manual, TDI, and pretty much whatever options are available on the German & British market VWs (minus the steering wheel swap for the UK). If you guys keep selling sissy (all automatic, all electric) cars and SUVs here without any manual options, you’ll chase many VW enthusiasts to Honda or Toyota. The Fit, Civic, Matrix, etc. are all available with a manual transmission, and the Matrix has a 115 VAC outlet. Euro VWs come with a 220 VAC outlet option. Bring the goodies to this side of the pond!

  • Anne

    Oh yeah!

    I am SO getting one!

    I love my 2002 Golf GLS, but it’s getting old and is…um…how to say this delicately?!?!? Gutless!!!!
    Can’t wait for that 6th gear and little more umph!
    Bring it, and bring it soon…pretty please!

  • r rawls sharon fan

    I wish VW would send its diesel minivan, the Sharon, to the US. I drove it all over Europe, and it was GREAT! IF VW released it in the ‘States, am certain it would be well rewarded.

  • Jenn Cook

    Love the VW products! Got all of my many VW’s in Sumter, SC at Goodwin Volkswagen for the last 40 years. Can’t wait for this one. I dont know the availability, but I guess I will order one with the moonroof option. Yay!!

  • MW

    Absolutely cannot wait for this car to be available to the U.S. market – a 4-door, manual TDI. Zippy little car that gets me 50 mpg? It’s a no brainer. Pretty please don’t make us wait until the fall.

  • Tiger

    Diesel is the way to go, America! Do a little research on the VW Jetta TDI. It gets “hybrid” economy of the fuel (about 600 mptank!)with an extra-torquey-feel. Wake-up and smell the clean-burning diesel fumes. Oh yeah, TDI’s are also cheaper than most hybrids.

  • Richard Scott

    I own a 2002 Golf TDI with over 280,000 miles on it and still drive it about 300 miles a day. Cannot wait for the 2010 Golf TDI.

  • Kent Kirkham

    I have not purchased an ’09 TDI Jetta because of no leather, no bluetooth, no fully electric drivers seat. I had a ’06 TDI with everything and loved it. Please let the ’10 Jetta or Golf TDI have the goodies available at least as options!

  • Financial Frank

    I’v owned two Rabbit Diesels and will definitely get a new Golf TDI. My last Rabbit averaged (over my entire 150,000 mile ownership) 44 MPG…..that’s right, 44 MPG!! I’m inclined to believe that the new TDI will average very close to 60 MPG.

  • George Lopez

    I’ve had a love affair with GTI’s for about 15 yrs and have owned 7 of them. As much as would love to get my hands on the new Mark VI GTI, I am really leaning towards this new Golf TDI. I had thought about the Jetta TDI, but I have this thing for hatchbacks. I just hope like Kent said above, that it is available with all the luxuries. I just hope they have enough units available and that they don’t start charging a premium fee above MSRP.

  • BBtdi

    I feeeel sooo goooood! Knowing there is a bunch of people who share the same passion and the same love for VW models and VW engines! People like you definitely and deliberately make my day:) Can’t wait for TDI engine of new Golf, Otherwise, I’m moving back to Europe and getting one.

  • Randy van Vliet

    Nice, a step in the right direction, to the 1960’s and 1970’s when VW dominated the compact car market with practical, economical cars.

    If VW wants to offer German cars to the American market… one can only dream of the day a true Polo/ TDI 1.4L 3 cylinder package arrives on dealers lots that gets close to 70 mpg.
    Reality is that $5 to 7 a gallon gas is around the corner here in North America, and sippers of fuel will cause Americans to reassess their true tranportation needs. I long for the day the 1L/100km concept car becomes a reality at my local dealership.

  • Chris

    I will be looking for a 2 door, diesel, 6spd MANUAL trans. No DSG will do!!!

  • Curt Barry

    Like so many of the previous posts I have owned earlier VW diesels….’78 Rabbit, 87 Golf, and 02 Golf, and am now looking forward to a 2010. Why? Because the Golf and the diesel are a terrific combination of economy,durability,and dependability all wrapped up in a world class, practical, fun to drive automobile. One simply can’t find better value!

  • Kai

    I just really hope that VW of America is monitoring sites like this. I have forwarded the link to my contact at our local dealer. It is time the VW spends some time focusing on the driving enthusiast again. That is what VWs are all about! We don’t want generic cars — there are plenty of those to choose from. We want the 6-speed manual 2010 Golf VI TDI, and we want several to choose from, at a reasonable price! NO BS Premiums, please! You (VW of America) do that, and we will buy one — as soon as they are available.

  • TDI VA

    Thank you TDI lovers! I’m glad your out there like me waiting for the Golf! 4- door 6 speed manual – O BOY! Best mph. on my 2000 TDI 4 door is 53mph. MA. to VA.! VW of A listen to us please!!!

  • TedM

    Like some of the other comments, I also had a 1979 Rabbit Diesel. Loved that car, but is was smelly, slow and had black exhaust. I had a second fuel tank installed, so I could drive from Southern California up through Oregon and almost to Washington State without refueling (1000+ miles). Wish I never sold it. Recently, I bought my wife a brand-new 2009 Jetta TDi Sportwagon. Absolutely amazing car! No Diesel smell, perfectly clean exhaust, and acceleration that snaps your head back. I am so impressed that I intend to buy the 2010 Golf TDi for myself! One real plus (in addition to the phenomenal fuel mileage) is that, here in California, Diesel fuel is currently 20 cents a gallon CHEAPER than regular gasoline !!! This is a no-brainer – we are going to be a two-Diesel family.

  • gpnw Jim

    So will the new TDI Golf be available as a 4-door? I am still driving my 86 diesel 4-door Golf and have always loved that car. Am now on my second rebuilt engine with 12K miles on it and 400K miles on the rest of the car.

  • juhani naukkarinen

    hey guys from glasgow, scotland!. not sure how i stumbled across this site – was a link from the usa vw website!. (i wanted to see how much they sell vw’s for in the usa … they are pricey here in uk now!)

    i cant believe you folks havent had the vw golf tdi yet!. its been available in various guises for a long time (about 20 years). it used to be a 1.9tdi (noisy but economical) then it was uprated to 110bhp from 90bhp … this then got upped to 115bhp and eventually about 8 years ago to a 150bhp.
    then they brought out the 2.0 tdi which we have had for a while with the pumpe duse system – unfortunately its a bit coarse / gruff / nosiy but this new 2009/2010 golf has a hi pressure common rail engine in 140bhp and 170bhp guises. both are fast and quiet. they have lots of low down torque which means quick getaways at the lights if u want it, keep the revs low and the gears hi and u get approx 45-55mpg in all driving conditions if your not lead footed.

    the dsg gearbox is amazing, there is no “slippage” that u get in a conventional automatic, it really does drive like a manual self changing gearbox!.

    some of you guys may have holidayed in europe and had one as a hire car – good way of test driving one!.

    but the car to look out for and its my next car – have started to shop for it already is the vw scirocco!

    have a look at the uk volkswagen website and u an see all the european golfs … the 140bhp and 170bhp – have a look at the performance figures! …

    and heres the new volkswagen that i want! – the scirocco GT 2.0tdi dsg
    wot u guys think of it? :-

  • juhani naukkarinen

    heres a quick link to the uk vw performance figures


    comparing the 2.0 petrol golf to the 2.0 tdi 170 golf … u can also click on the other headers to compare speed/price etc etc .

    u guys in the usa might be shocked by the prices though!. i cant believe just how cheaply you can buy a new golf for over there … sometimes lifes just not fair!

  • juhani naukkarinen

    i wonder if vw will let u guys have the golf 1.4 tsi that we have in europe!.

    1.4 litre turbo charged and supercharged engine – 0-62mph in 8secs, top speed 135mph, power = 160ps @ 5800rpm and torque = 177/240 lbs/nm @ 1500 rpm.
    fuel economy = 32mpg city driving, 52mpg at 75mph and 45mpg overall driving.

    not bad for a 1.4l engine eh? and here in the uk, low emissions = low annual road tax and the 1.4l makes for low insurance premiums!. what a great combination!

  • Deniz Ovecoglu

    VW America,

    When are you going to bring TOURAN TDI to this country? Why are you guys so slow and acting like bone heads. Wake up we, the consumer and VW lovers, know the cars better than you guys. We want everything what VW offers in Europe. Got it. Please don’t insult us.
    Still drive 96 GTI with ABA engine with 199,000 miles on it.
    Took the car to Europe for 3 years could not find parts because the engine was obsolute. Who are you kidding. Get with the program. Do you want to sell cars or not to sell cars? If you don’t step aside because FIAT is coming to crush you in California.

  • Kai

    It’s nice to get some information about VWs in the UK and Europe in general. It’s just too bad that we won’t be seeing some of those cars here in the US.

    I would love to hear from someone who has a lot of miles (100,000+) on a 1.4 liter twin-charger engine. I wonder about the long term reliability of an engine with fairly complex technology. I know diesels are reliable — that’s why I want to get one.

    Also, for you guys in the UK: Does anyone know how Richard Hammond on Top Gear was able to achieve close to 70 mpg in a Polo diesel in the “Eco Challenge” a few months back? Do you think there was a ‘reserve’ built into the tank to achieve the task?

    I can’t wait to get our Golf TDI — wish VW would give us an arrival date for the cars!!

  • Sadiq

    I can’t wait for the golf tdi. I seriously had a dream about driving it the other day. Please VW hurry up and send them to us. I am willing to pay $5000 over the MSRP Now!! I have to be one of the first ppl to drive one. I’m a sucker and a stalker for tdi…its idle sound is music to me.

  • Billy

    I can’t wait for this as well. Have been holding off on buying a new car in hopes that we would get a TDI Golf here in the states.

    But for those of you swearing to leather, I would much rather have sport cloth. That is my opinion, and I think it should be an option. Not an instant upgrade. I actually held off upgrading to a B6 Passat primarily due to the leather. I had leather once, and prefer to never have it again. But again, this is my opinion and hence why I think we should have the option. So that everyone can be happy!

  • R B Leasure

    I have a 2006 VW Jetta TDI Package 1 5sp Manual wit almost 82000 on the clock. No major problems with the car and it has averaged 43 MPG or better back and forth to work. I really like the 2009 VW Wagon to get a little more flexability, but the EPA sticker did not indicate it would do better than what i get now. The Golf should do a least 3 mpg or better than a Jetter

  • Greg Cyr

    I want the new TDI Golf…. I’d like to pre-order one, so I can use the $4500 Cash for Clunker program (got a 99 Explorer to get rid of), and get the $1300 tax Credit. But, it seems that I won’t be able to do it, as no one will take my order for the new Golf (yet)…. so, I might just get me a Jetta TDI sportwagen, get the “clunker cash, and tax credit”, and then sell it, when the new Golf TDIs’ are “on the lot”. I already own a 2007 Rabbit, and my “daily driver” … a 1984 diesel Rabbit. …. I’m going to sell the 2007 Rabbit, and put the $$ towards the new Golf TDI.
    VW…. why can’t I order my new Golf… NOW ?

  • GG

    I feel just the fact they are switching the name BACK to the “Golf” just shows they don’t know or listen to the American customers. VW has enough of a following, just ask us.

    Also, please stop keeping this stuff a secret – it also shows that they do not have a solid business plan for the last five months of 2009 in the United States, otherwise, we know about it, and I’d sleep better knowing my 2010 tdi was on order…

    Time for more coffee…

  • Axel

    I own an 02 Mini Cooper S with 113k on it and slightly mofified at 215 whp. Im getting anywhere from 20 to 22 mpg city and 28 to 31 mpg, I test drove the jetta wagen TDi and i am HOOKED on it will buy next year the Jetta or Golf TDi, the diesel made my Mini look like BASTARD child when I drove it with my fiancee her two kids and the salesrep with the A/C on!!!! Cannot wait till next summer to get. If only AMERICA with its idiocentricities would look across the pond and learn from where most of us have come from and learn that DIESEL moves everything in the world why not bring it here for Pete’s sake!! Get your act to VW of America do it!!! Mini is screwing my chances at their diesel so might as well go back to my VW roots(use to have a 4 dr rabbit with GTI engine and Golf tranny, wow what a feeling!!)

  • james

    The problem is not the car…the new deisel is a beautiful piece of refined machinery. The problem is the average American might not actually fit into the car. Gas prices will rise and people are already making greener and healthier choices. Along with the notion that smaller is better. It is a ironic that cars like this might actually help make Americans healthier and the environment too.

  • Steve

    I wouldn’t worry about fitting in the Jetta. I am 6′-5″ and rented a TDI Jetta Sportwagon in Germany last month on a family vacation. I had plenty of room and I didn’t even have the seat all the way back! The telescoping steering wheel is a must for the new TDI Golf. We will be looking to get a 2 door 6-speed manual.

  • joshG

    The jetta doesn’t work for me (I am 6’6″). It isn’t the leg room but the very low profile roof. Too much of my view is obstructed by the roof/visor. Sadly. Last time I was in a rabbit I thought it was ok though.

  • Heath

    I am a proud owner of an original bone stock 1986 Golf diesel n/a with 200,000 miles on it. I love this car. Out of all the cars I have ever owned, this is by far my favorite! I have an 08 Jeep Commander that just sets in the garage, because I prefer to drive my lil diesel and get close to 50 mpg all day long! Thank you Volkswagen!

  • Wes

    About 19 months too late. I sold my last VW Golf TDI and at the time VW was to ignorant to make new ones. So I was forced to buy a weak Civic. I would have loved to bought a new Golf TDI with DSG.

  • Carlos

    To all that are wondering about the golf TDI 2.0. This car has been available in Europe for at least 4 or 5 years. It is another great VW diesel, lots of power, unbelievably more powerful than the 1.9. But then you jetta drivers all ready know. And this car looks better all the time. The great thing about a diesel is that its just barely broken in at the same mileage a gasoline engine is ready for an overhaul.

  • Geoff Enright

    Gday from Australia – i have owned a tdi golf hatch for 3 yrs with 35000 miles on the clock it is the 5th series – it has the dsg transmission and it performs brilliantly – never uses any oil between services i still have the original tyres fitted i get over 40 mpg in stop start driving and over 50 on the open road
    The interior is quiet with no rattles or squeaks in the body the handling makes driving a pleasure – it is a brilliant car

  • Bubba1

    I just returned to the States from 2 weeks in the EU. While over there I tried on a Golf for size, and at 6’2″ – 300lb I found it quite comfortable. Didn’t want to wait for the Golf TDI, so I went to the dealer to buy the Jetta SportWagen. Wow, what a difference, and not for the better. The B-pillar sloping in and the low roof height made it a non-option. Looks like I’ll be waiting for the Golf TDI like everybody else.

  • Hiram

    How does VW handle to problem of diesel gelling in very cold temps?

  • William Moore

    I drive almost 50,000 miles a year and I can’t hardly wait until it hits the market. Just think what could be avaliable if there was no EPA.

  • juhani naukkarinen

    hey hiram, the diesel fuel here in europe works well down to about -15c, (not sure what that is in “old money” f!) but for certain northern european markets the diesel fuel has non-gelling additives for winter time and also the cars have a engine block heater. in scandinavian markets, we have electrical connectors (they look like parking meters) where you will literllay plug your car in (the connector is under the front bumper) and this keeps the engine from freezing in the very cold winters in northern europe. it doesnt apply to all models though, only those sold for use in the north.

    i read with interest a few people wanting vw to “hurry-up” the golf tdi deliveries. the problem for vw and other european manufacturers has been the very strict diesel emissions regulations imposed on cars in the use. in europe the emissions standards are strict too but they allow for the different kind of emissions from diesel vehicles and have more tolerance for them.
    so its not vw being slow to get the tdi cars over to you in america, its down to the engineering to enable this higher performance diesel to be sold in as many u.s. states as possible thats holding things back a bit!.
    im sure vw would like to sell as many cars as it can just now!.

    im waiting to see the peugeot/citroen groups new diesel-hybrid cars to be launched here in europe next year with an average in all driving conditions of approx 65mpg cars – the peugeot 308 and the citroen c4, both current models of car for sale in europe now, but with a diesel engine and hybrid electric system too and the start’n’stop system. depending on price, this is what ill bet the smart money on for fuel economy!

  • Hiram

    To juhani naukkarinen thanks for reply.
    My concern is returning after work to a -10F /-24C (or more) cold parking lot and having cold engine crank problems. I had a diesel truck that I always had to concern myself with adding antigel to each tankful(in case the fuel didn’t have enough) and not having access to a plug for easy starts.


  • Roby

    Hiram..If I was you..I would be more concerned about moving somewhere warmer!

  • Gerald Blondin

    Have owned a Golf diesel since ’03 and wouldn’t trade for anything! No one has mentioned the torque factor with a diesel, so I’ll throw in that I towed a pop-up trailer through the Rockies twice without a whimper, stall, or lose of power. A lot of gas engines much larger were dying on the up hills. Will buy in 2010!

  • Kurt

    hmmmmm…..haaaaaaa….. SOLD!

    Can I get on the pre buy list? VW should place diesels in all their cars, Routan Van, Tiguan, and bring the lupo to the US Market. I wonder if the US government is preventing VW from doing so, since it would put Government Motors, Ford, and Chrysler all out of business?

  • David

    My 2000 Golf TDI (manual 5-speed; 128,000 miles) still averages 48 mpg city/hwy! It’s still got plenty of life left in it but looking forward to my next TDI. I’d go for this one in a heartbeat but will wait a year or two… job loss worries at the moment.

  • 52horsepower

    Please VW let me buy a 2010 TDI Golf in the base model. What would be even better is a small diesel pickup (like the early 80’s.

  • Ralf

    Grew up in Europe and took VW Bugs through Minor Asia and North Africa in the 70ties. You couldn’t kill them. Only lost a back bumper once crossing a dry river bed in the Western Sahara – my fault. Am tired of waiting for Mercedes to bring an efficient C-Class Diesel to California. As soon as the Golf TDI is available here, VW will have an old admirer return to them. But it better be nicely equipped, even if options cost extra. Mood-lighting? I know I am pushing it.

  • Marzipan

    everyone who is on the waitlist, make sure you don’t pay MSRP for this. make the dealer offer you a better deal.

  • Andrew

    My wife and I already drive a Golf TDI. (We live in Australa.) For the record, the car meets our expectations in the following domains: performance; reliability; low maintenance; fuel economy; appearance; and safety. With a new VW filtration system, the Golf TDI is clearly the antithesis of what diesel cars [used to be] in the U.S. Enjoy!

  • ’87 Passat Diesel Caravan

    BTW how much for the base model? It already has everything I need and more. I’m ready to pay for it up to $ 20,000.

  • Racing

    Is the 2009 VW Golf and the 2010 Golf the same Please? Is it going to be available in diesel but with GTI or R32 Look alike with not so much power in Europe?. 10x

  • CHFred

    Love the GTD! However I’m willing to go with the new Golf TDI – can’t get hear fast enough!

    Question: What kind/type alloy wheels will be standard on the TDI? Really don’t like the 10-spoke wheels and would like the 5-spoke wheels. Anyone have any insight?

  • VWLoyal

    Did someone say that this will only be available in AUTOMATIC transmission? That BETTER not be true. I have been salivating over this car for a YEAR, and I am ready to CAMP OUT at the VW dealership to get one, but I swear to god, if I can’t get it in manual transmission, I will freak out…..

    Automatic transmission is the equivalent of white zinfandel in the wine community…


    What is the VW golf tdi going to cost?

  • Frances

    Here’s a million dollar question, when the hell is it going to get here????? Are Canadians really going to have to wait till Spring of 2010 to finally drive one of these things? What is the hold-up VW?

  • Steve

    Why are all automakers so slow to bring diesel to the U.S.? Do they want to sell cars or don’t they? No diesel Golf, no diesel Tiguan, no sale!

  • Justin

    There will be a 4 door and the DSG manual for under $25k/. options to include cold weather pkg, xenon lights, 10″ DVD nav, and pwr tilt/sunroof

  • Richard W. Bricker

    Mileage computer consistently averages 15% high based on a 2004 Passat TDI I had and my current 2006 Jetta TDI. For non-inflated numbers one must divide mileage by gallonage to fill the tank. Also critiquers citing the sometimes higher cost of diesel don’t do the math. If diesel is occasionily 10 to 15% higher we are still ahead with with 30 to 40% better mileage.

  • Tom

    Hopefully they will offer the Golf TDI with leather seats and full suite of options. The old diesel Golf had a cloth seats and was pretty stripped down.

  • sky

    I want to know WHEN, DATES PLEASE when will this actually be available.

  • Jan

    For the specs and pricing please view

    I did not see anything on dates, though.

  • Serking

    put in about 10k on a touran tdi from spain to portugal to italy to switzerland in 07 and was amezed with the fuel mileage, power, reliability and all the hidden storage it has…promised myself that someday I will get one in Cali…
    I can live with the Golf TDI sutostick for my 80 mile daily commute in I-14….bring it on now.

  • Will

    Do you know why the US doesn’t get many TDIs?? Because Europe pays 5k more than us for the same car. That is why the US only gets 12k TDI engines across all models a year. Make more money in Europe or lose out on a ton in the US. You do the math and get back to me.

  • megan

    Love that car. How about tax return? $1300-1500. When you by TDI

  • mimi

    I really want to get a Golf TDI (owned a great ’79 Rabbit Diesel once upon a time) – everything sounds great. So, why aren’t they offering a 4door with leather version? After coming up with what seems like the perfect car, they shortchange the seats??!! Does this mean I have to wait a year to see if they correct this dumb decision?

  • Kai

    I just drove a 2010 Golf TDI 2-door DSG. Nice car, decent ride, great seats — but in my opinion, it needs a 6-speed manual. By introducing it only as a DSG, it seems like VW is missing a big part of its core target market, those of us who feel that a manual belongs into a VW Golf.

  • Kai

    By the way, the sticker price for that 2-door was just a bit over $ 25,000. Options, besides the DSG, were moonroof and bluetooth. Would be nice to get leather seats for that price, but then you can’t have everything. The base car is very nicely equipped, so I guess it is a fair price. The question is, who will pay that for a compact car? The higher price for the TDI in Germany includes a sales tax of almost 20%. By law, all posted prices in Germany have to include the sales tax.

  • Jim

    Just spoke to the VeeDub dealer in West Texas and he is expecting a red GOLF TDI in the next 2-3 days (a tester) with sales versions in late Dec. 2009. Look for your tester in your area. Should be there VERY soon.

  • hatch-lover

    Sticker price is pretty sad.

    Adding xenons and heated seats Golf will cost as much as my 07 A3 premium (bought with end-of-year discount).

    Tax break won’t help much.

    Ohhh, that greyhound….. If it wouldn’t be for the HATCH, I would get a Civic instead.

    All (dealer)prices in Germany include 19% sales tax.
    When comparing, be aware of that!

    Does anybody know the gear-ratios (DSG)?
    RPM at 60mph?

  • Cecil

    Good Luck trying to get a 2010 TDI golf!!! I put a $500 deposit in to get one special order with all the bells and whistles (cold weather package, navigation, sunroof/moonroof, etc). They deposited my check, and 6 weeks later, finally called me and said they could not order it because VW of America is not going to make any ‘special’ models. VW basically told me to f*** off. I guess VW is not hurting for customers. I WAS a loyal VW owner (i own 2 VW 91 golf and a 06 TDI jetta), but after this fiasco I don’t know if I will own another one.
    Thanks VW for pissing off loyal consumers!(

  • ColtonCat

    Eish, I wish it was the new 170hp TDI motor found in Germany in GTD. That would be finger lickin good…

  • fredg

    Big plus for the Golf vs. Jetta; Jetta made in MEXICO!!! Known for electrical problems and no cheaper anyway. Big minus for Golf; dealers holding out for a ransom of over $3,000- over list. I’ll buy one if they are available @ list price- still not cheap but a great car. In the meantime, VW, I’m looking around for something else in case the wait is too long. Is it true only 12,000 TDI motors for the US to be available per year?

  • Jim Y.

    I got my 2010 Golf TDI December 09 with no dealer mark up + $1,700 Obama “Clean Fuel” tax credit. I have just under 2000 miles and just filled it with it’s 4th tank of fuel. LOVE the Torque. Love the little cool/smart features. It was a great purchase. It is just a nice car to drive. My wife is pissed off when she drives it b/c she likes my TDI better than her Acura TL. I still have not seen another Golf TDI 4dr yet.

  • Jim Y.

    On long trips… what is the best spped to travel at (on flat ground) to get the highest MPG?

  • Kham

    I’m from Australia and I recently bought a Golf VI with the 2.0-litre 140 hp TDI and 6-speed manual. The car is absolutely awesome! It’s got loads of torque, excellent fuel economy and a superb interior for its class.

  • Kai

    Since the manual Golf TDI does not seem to be available for the foreseeable future, as least in our area, we decided to buy the 2010 Jetta SportWagon instead, with a 6-speed manual of course. It drives like a Golf, and it has more cargo room, thus being more suited for longer trips with the family. We love to car! A little sad to see the BMW go, but not so sad to “give up” the high BMW maintenance cost!

    Jim Y.: Regarding highway cruising speed, it is my understanding that the optimum cruising speed is around 65 mph. Take a look at the Top Gear ‘eco-challenge’ for some ‘inspiration’ from Richard Hammond.

  • Peter

    Picked up my 2010 Golf TDI Wagon mid January. I ordered my Golf wagon in November 2009 but waited til now to pick it up due to the lease expiry on my previous car.

    Fantastic a car!!!! Fantastic torque!!!! Fantastic styling!!!!! Fantastic mileage!!!
    I will never buy anything but VW from now on.

  • TDI Owner

    I had my 2010 TDI manual for three months. I had a 2000 Golf TDI before that.

    My average in the city commuting is around 48mpg with a stint of 60.7 over a 100 miles trip. The old one would hover between 50 and 53mpg.

    Great handling
    Radio with iPod/SD/bluetooth/Sat

    shallow trunk (!!)
    few cheap details

    I have not seen another one yet!! Am I the only one???

  • Rene

    i am NOT sold. the fact that it says it is CAPABLE of 42 mpg highway..and only 29 mpg city…my scion xa, GAS gets 35 mpg city!..i want a golf really bad..I want to mpg that i got with my cabriolet that my father put a diesel engine in, and got 48 mpg city. everybody wants TOO much power..i live in a rural town, most of my business i have in a city about 20 miles away (and thats just getting there)..i want my car to have the most mph it can possibly get..the fact that the new tdi gets WAY less mpg than my GAS scion is not impressive at all…I thought that was the point in getting a TDI..what is the point now? i would rather buy one used

  • Kai

    I know, this is the Golf TDI blog, but since we couldn’t find one, we ‘settled for the next best thing’, and it has actually turned out to be even better!!

    We love our Jetta Sport Wagon! The interior is incredibly roomy and practical, and we’re getting a “real world” 36 mpg in my wife’s daily commuting. On some errand runs around town, we’ve gotten 40, and on a highway trip, I’m sure we could achieve 50 or better. Of course, if you do a lot of hard accelerating, and enjoying the amazing low end torque, you mileage will go down.

    This is a great driving car!

  • Russ

    We are thinking of buying a 2011 Golf TDI DSG 4 door HB. I’d like to get some honest opinions of experiences of Golf TDI owners. My wife drives 25 highway miles to work each way every day. We need a good vehicle that will last us a minimum of 6 years. This could be our first diesel car and we aren’t sure about owning one. I know the new diesels are no where close to the diesels of old. We have been looking at the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight, both hybrids. For longevity, we are looking at the VW. You can’t beat German engineering.

    I’d appreciate your help

    Russ in Maine

  • Dan in Vermont


    I have been looking at one too. It seems like a great car for highway commutes. But it is likely that Toyota and Honda have VW beat when it comes to trouble-free riving several years down the road.

    But one thing to consider, in Maine, is winter driving. The Prius may pose a problem here. I am in Vermont, and multiple friends owning Prii have mentioned that in snow, when a wheel loses traction, the power is cut off and they are stuck. I don’t know if this applies to the Insight.

    A Golf with good snows mounted may be a much better bet. Also, you could run the TDI on alternate fuels. Can’t do that with a Prius!


  • Maurice

    As a previous owner of a 1987 Volkswagen Jetta which gave me no issues for eleven years, I did not hesitate to consider purchasing a two door TDI Golf in June of this year. Here we have a car with a four cylinder diesel engine that has the torque of a small V-6 and VW’s reliability with its diesel technology, in my opinion, is a hard combination to beat. I smile every time I pass one of those Toyota Prius-es on the highway knowing that I have just as much fuel economy as they do even while hauling three other passengers with the added performance of low end torque. I don’t see too many Prius-es hauling four passengers in them on the highway today. Yep, the TDI is the best kept secret on the road and the VW Sportswagen is not a bad pick either. In addition, everyone that has driven my TDI wants to get one. The golden moment for me is when I tell my friends that it is a diesel and they do not see any smoke or noise coming from the engine. Now that gets their attention! I guess those of who have one are on to something. This is my version of a two-door hybrid sports car!
    Das Auto!!

  • talan

    thinking of getting a tdi which has around 100000 miles. should i be concern about timing belt to replace or any one had that done since vw don’t specify an intervel

  • Paul S.

    I own a 2002 Golf TDi. Real-World results after 80000 miles. Ave Fuel economy short trips 38 mpg year-round. Long trips 55 mpg. Best is 818 mi on 14.1 gallons US (58 mpg). The conversion to Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel since 2007 has been a plus (no, not a mod. just the fuel itself was changed at all diesel pumps). Burned out lotsa dino-crap. Car runs much better. BTW, sticker at sale was 42/49 mpg. So what if its rated 90 hp (75kW), its still loves 2400-2500 rpm at 70 mi/hr to get the 55mpg. But then, I must “keep right” around here. 😉 I had put 50k miles on this car in two years commuting to/from work, now the job is very local.

    Point #1: To hear these excessively low numbers of 32/42 and 30/40 for a diesel with fewer than 6-cylinders is atrocious. Buy gasoline instead. Really, what an insult to the principles of economy that diesel fuel offers. I agree, VW TDi’s have been dumbed-down for a power-addicted USA. Go back to gasoline, and stay there!, Buy a Fusion, or a hybrid, and stay there.

    Point #2: the 2002 year and others from that era were German/Brazil. Some were German/Brazil/Mexico. The latter can be identified by increased electrical problems associated with shipping the partially assembled car a 2nd time. Bottom-Line is very, very little is USA, in fact one of the least American cars you can buy.

    Point #3: I was reading about the Polo back then and now here in the thread. Much like the BMW 118d, us steenking Americans will NEVER see such a car here imported or sold to the general population. BPW&M all you want. At least the Aussies get a VW TDi77 which is essentially the same car as mine fuel-mileage wise. But an Audi A3-1.6D has a slim chance, if you really, really want one. But realize what you’re up against.

    Point #4: I am aware of where I am… If you told me in 1970 that you could go 70 mph and get 55mpg, I would think you were nuts, but here we are, and other car co.’s have upped the ante to 65 mpg. But, it is not for us. Instead, we’ll be seeing gasoline-like performance and fuel-consumption from a diesel. Thats because its what we want, not what we deserve.

  • Prince Eno Bassey

    I need to do an entire rebuild on my Touran 2011 2.0 TDI, I had a nasty lower carriage accident that tore off the Samp and a part of the engine block (as well as other suspension components) , my question is, can I use the golf V TDI 2.0 as a replacement engine block? the factory parts for the Touran is sending me to the cleaners.