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 |  Apr 01 2009, 10:43 AM


Yesterday some grainy images of Hyundai’s new concept car appeared online after a New Yorker snapped a few photos of the crossover and sent them over to AutoBlog (picture below). Today Hyundai has released this official photos of the Nuvis Concept.

Designed at Hyundai’s California Design Center in Irvine, CA, the Nuvis is part of a new breed of vehicles from Hyundai, which, the company says could form the basis of a new generation of crossover. The term “generation” is key here, hinting that this isn’t likely to be a new model but rather the next generation of a current model – likely the Santa Fe.

In fact, the Nuvis looks so much like the ix-onic concept from the Geneva Auto Show that we had to go back and look at some photos to make sure it wasn’t the same vehicle. The ix-onic is supposed to inspire the future design direction of all of Hyundai’s SUVs and crossovers and we can certainly see the family resemblance here.hyundai-new-york-auto-show-cuv-concept-spy-photo.jpg

Photo courtesy AutoBlog