Infiniti Essence Concept Shelved

Infiniti Essence Concept Shelved

We’re sorry to report that Infiniti’s breathtakingly beautiful Essence Concept will not see production, this according to a company spokesman.

The Essence Concept was unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show and took everyone by surprise as rumors had circled that the vehicle was to be yet another crossover. With a true grand touring look that had cars like the Aston Martin DBS and Ferrari 599 in its sights, the Essence also had the ponies to back it up with 600hp.

It was also a hybrid, with 440hp generated from the twin-turbo 3.7-liter V6 engine and an additional 160 ponies coming from an electric motor.

One part of the car is, however, certain to live on as Infiniti has already confirmed the direct-injection technology used in the Essence motor will make its way into the next M37 and the G37.

And with talk of a higher performance version of the GT-R coming out, there’s no reason it couldn’t get direct-injection technology too.

Still, we’ll miss never seeing this automotive work of art make it to the street.

[Source: via AutoBlog]

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  • Aravind

    This car is sooo cool. I love the fact that a luuxry car can rock a twin-turbo hybrid power plant! And the gauge cluster reminds me of an expensive watch.