Fast & Furious Nissan GT-R Stolen

Fast & Furious Nissan GT-R Stolen

Thieves have made off with that oh so sexy Nissan GT-R from the most recent Fast & Furious film. The car was being stored, along with several other vehicles, at a facility in Sun Valley, Los Angeles. The thieves were no doubt aware that the vehicle was inside the facility when they broke through the metal door and drove off with the car, paying no attention to the other vehicles inside. The thieves did, however, damage both a Porsche Boxster and a classic Studebaker in the process.

While looking like every SpoCom fan’s wet dream, the blue R34 GT-R is actually a GT-S model that was transformed by pro driver Chris Milano over two years. Fast & Furious lead Paul Walker drove the car in the movie.

The car is estimated to be worth roughly $75,000 (” More than you can afford pal”), however, it was not insured as it was only being used for promotional purposes.

There is no word on if the police have any leads on who stole the car, but we think they should check the garage of Nicolas Cage,  Mr. Gone in 60 Seconds himself. Either that, or it’s currently being chopped up and sold to other Skyline owners as “overnight parts from Japan.”


  • reza

    the car was not stolen. It’s at the san diego auto auction right now , the tow truck driver told me they picked it up from the customs location in carson. The owner of this car was trying to sell it and someone informed customs about it. They broke down the door and took the car. Just saw the car two hours ago being unloaded from a flat bed. One other red skyline was also repoed or revoked and sent to customs and ended up at the auction as well.

    When they have the paper work cleared they will both be sent to riverside under the vse corporation and either left to collect dust or destroyed.

  • laith

    that’s fucked up… never can have anything nice with out it being stolen or having THE LAW take it.

  • Mark Fitch

    Why are American DMV officials so insecure that they have to confiscate and destroy a perfectly good legendary, rare, and expensive car that could easily be modded to meet US safety and emissions standards!? It seems they just like to get off being control freaks for no good reason.