MINI Roadster Headed to Frankfurt Auto Show?

MINI Roadster Headed to Frankfurt Auto Show?

Last week French auto pub L’Automobile reported what it said was a leaked photo of an upcoming MINI vehicle and now they have more news to share. Unconnected to that vehicle, the magazine says MINI will bring a Roadster concept to the Frankfurt Auto Show this Fall.

The new model would use a soft-top but do without the rear seats (in true roadster fashion). Without those rear seats the Roadster would weigh considerably less. Apparently offering a light-weight model is one of the reasons for the Roadster and so there may be other measures taken to help reduce the vehicle’s mass.

Little else is known about the supposed Roadster concept other than it will make use of a shorter and less angles windscreen.

  • M. Michael Hyatt

    They’re making it like a mini-E – no back seat, and lighter so it can carry a heavy battery. Cloth top saves even more weight.