Red Bull Cola Banned After Tests Reveal Drink Contains Cocaine

Red Bull Cola Banned After Tests Reveal Drink Contains Cocaine

Red Bull’s new Cola beverage might not be as popular as the brand’s energy drink, which is strange considering it’s addictive ingredient. No, not caffeine. Try cocaine.

That’s right, during recent tests on the beverage it was found to have trace amounts (4 micrograms) of the illegal drug, prompting officials in six German states to force retailers to pull the products off their shelves.

The amount of cocaine found is too low to be a health concern, however, it is still not permitted in food or drink in Germany. Red Bull has said that is uses coca leaf extracts for natural flavor and said that no cocaine was found in the company’s own testing.

Coca-Cola is known to have once used cocaine in its drinks, however, that practice stopped in 1903. The amount used back then was significantly higher at 9 milligram.

Red Bull currently advertises its new cola drink on its Formula 1 cars.

[Source: BBC News]

  • Jake

    Wow can’t believe an energy drink actually has coke in it. Me and my friends had joked about it before, but never expected one to actually have it. I know it’s just trace amounts, but still. lol.

    Anyways, Venom is way better 😉

  • Jake

    i wonder if u cn pass a ua aftr drinkin da stuff? i mean like how do u not with any amount plus i wuld if i had muny drink alot of energy sodas like vault.