Suzuki Stops Production of XL7 Crossover

Suzuki Stops Production of XL7 Crossover

Suzuki recently made the decision to stop production on its low volume XL7 SUV. The vehicle is currently the only Suzuki manufactured in North America.

Suzuki built the three-row, seven-passenger crossover at General Motors’ CAMI facility in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. The facility will continue to produce GM products on its other lines.

Suzuki continues to have a stake in the CAMI joint-venture and CEO Osamu Suzuki isn’t worried that it might be shut down. “The possibility that CAMI would be forced into closure or a production stop is 120 percent impossible,” he told Automotive News. “It is a central pillar in the reconstruction plan, so I am not worried about it.”

It is unclear if Suzuki has plans to re-start production on its flagship XL7 SUV once the economy rebounds or if Suzuki’s interests in the CAMI facility include a new vehicle. Suzuki has announced that it will debut a new mid-sized sedan by the end of this year.

[Source: AutomotiveNews via Autoblog]

  • Peter Paul

    I just bought a new Suzuki XL7 two weeks ago. It´s a great crossover SUV and with an excellent price & perfomance, but now, what´s going to happen in the future with supply of parts ??
    And if I decide to resell my XL7 next year, will I lose so much money ??

    Peter Paul

  • G THIE

    Peter Paul, just to let you know CAMI is committed to provide service parts for your vehicle up to ten years. The same as any other vehicle that is discontinued. Enjoy your new XL7.


  • Scorch

    Yes, I have the 2003 model, with 135K miles and almost no mechanical issues, a GREAT machine (although I prefer the styling of the 02-03 models over the sleeker styling of the newer ones). I hope Suzuki will consider starting production of another mid-SUV with a truck frame like the XL-7, I may need one in a few years.