Upcoming Lotus Esprit May Get 500 Horsepower Lexus V10

Upcoming Lotus Esprit May Get 500 Horsepower Lexus V10

The upcoming Lotus Esprit may be powered by a 500hp Lexus V10 according to a report in the U.K.’s EVO magazine. Lotus has a long time partnership with Lexus parent company Toyota, using its Celica-sourced 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine for the Elise and Exige, as well as its the Camry-sourced 3.5-liter V6 for the Evora. According to EVO this relationship extends not just to the Toyota powertrain department but also to the Lexus division – and Lexus just so happens to be readying its LF-A exotic with a 500 horse V10. There is also the possibility that the IS-F’s 417hp 5.0-liter V8 could be an option, as well as an entry-level 300hp direct-injection V6 motor. 

The new Evora platform, which is to be the basis for the Esprit’s chassis, is capable of holding engines in either a transverse or longitudinal layout – giving more credence to the possibility that several different engines could be made available to buyers.

Lotus doesn’t plan to bring the Esprit to market until 2012, but it is dedicated to delivering a true exotic capable of taking on the Lamborghinis and Ferraris of the world.

There is also a strong possibility that Lotus could offer the Esprit with an electric powertrain.

The design sketch, above, gives a hint at what the upcoming Lotus Esprit may look like.

[Source: EVO]

  • Mark S

    A lot of positives out there about the new Stang; totally agree that Ford is aiming for the Stang to be more than a muscle car. Should some one looking at FR-S/BRZ’s, Miata’s, etc. be cross shopping the new Ecoboost Stang? Or does the extra hp not cover up the extra weight that the Stang brings to the table? Hoping that Autoguide can get an Ecoboost (with the performance pack) to the track and put the new Stang through is paces and tell us if the WRX is still the top of the list.

  • Jason

    Mustang EB is ~1 sec quicker in 0-60 than both FR-S & Miata and ties WRX. It ties WRX in MT’s lateral g test at 0.96g (FR-S 0.93g, Miata 0.94). Both WRX & Mustang are turbo from factory. This usually makes them easier to increase performance with aftermarket tuning. Mustang has bigger interior than FR-S & Miata but WRX’s 4 or 5 door is nice n big. Although 4/5 door may turn off some people. Mustang is muscle car, sports car, turbo, safe size (not too small), ok MPG (better than WRX, FR-S & Miata), looks better too. If James Bond had to pick… He’d go Mustang. haha…

  • Mark S

    Agree with all the points – on paper the Mustang checks all the boxes. My favorite part of driving though is going through canyons, going around different types of corners – the FR-S is great fun in the twisties. Comments from initial handling reviews of the new Mustang have been mixed, some very positive, but Motortrend indicated some mid corner sloppiness. Will be interested to read the instrument testing and track results of the car in the corners, i.e. how does it feel. On all other fronts, like refinement (as per Car and Driver), interior fit and finish etc., definitely already a home run.

  • Ken W

    One word – Ugly 🙁

  • Mark S

    I really think it looks great. Looks are subjective though – we all like different things, how else can anyone explain the Nissan Cube.

  • Jim Mc Cool

    I agree Mark, but it may need a little more aggressive exhaust note. The reviews I have seen seem to play down the exhaust tone. That can probably be easily corrected with an aftermarket exhaust system.

  • Mark S

    Only heard the full wail on a few videos and so not really able to comment on either the GT or Ecoboost. Will admit though that most GT’s I have heard and gone “wow”, when I look they after some after market exhaust. Seems like Coyote can be made to sound very nice both at tick over and when the foot is on the go pedal. Such a large after market though, I would be hitting the forums and You Tube to try and narrow down the choice.

  • ChiCarGuy


    Good review. Mustang looks/sounds like it is great. What I want to know is if it is a credible, cheaper alternative to an M4 or C63 AMG. What say you?