Chevy Drops Hybrid Malibu From Lineup

Chevy Drops Hybrid Malibu From Lineup

Chevrolet has decided to cancel production of its Malibu Hybrid. As shocking as this might seem for a company that claims it is now dedicated to building environmentally-friendly cars, it actually makes a lot of sense.

For starters, while the Malibu itself continues to sell well and has received critical acclaim from auto journos, the hybrid version has never been a popular model – and its about to get less so.

Rated at 24/32 mpg (city/highway) the numbers aren’t all that impressive, due mostly to the car’s “mild” hybrid system. Those numbers aren’t as good as the 33/34 mpg rating for the Toyota Camry Hybrid and are nowhere close to the 41/36 mpg rating of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The 24/32 rating is even less impressive when you consider the four-cylinder Malibu with a six-speed automatic transmission gets 22/33 mpg and costs significantly less.

General Motors has not commented on if or when a new and improved hybrid system will find its way into the Malibu.

  • peter mckinley

    I never respond to stuff like this, but if you go through length’s of reporting mileage, I’d make sure you are accurate. I think you have the fusion number flipped, city number should be 41 I think, and I own a 6sp 4 cylinder malibu and it does 22 city, 33 highway, again little details but you are reporting facts right?

  • Colum Wood

    You are definitely right on the Fusion Hybrid. As for the Malibu, also technically correct. It appears as though there are many MPG numbers from GM for the Malibu 4-Cyl. Corrections have been made. (Thanks for keeping us on our toes).

  • Jay

    The 2009 Mailbu Hybrid is rated 26/34 MPG NOT 24/32..