President Obama Signs Cash For Guzzlers

President Obama Signs Cash For Guzzlers

After passing through both the Senate and the House, the Cash-for-Guzzlers bill has been signed by President Obama. Known also as Cash-for-Clunkers, the official name of the legislation is CARS – the Car Allowance Rebate System.

Vehicles that are traded in must get 18 mpg or worse and be newer than 25 years old. For those who trade in their guzzler for a vehicle that gets (on average) 4 mpg more will receive a $3,500 voucher toward the new car, while those who choose a vehicle that gets 10 mpg more than their current auto will receive the full $4,500.

The rules are slightly different for trucks as the full $4,500 voucher will be available for gas guzzling trucks when traded in on a new truck that gets 5 mpg more.

The hope is that this new legislation will boost auto sales. Similar initiatives (but which target old cars and not gas guzzling ones) have been a huge success in countries like German.

The CARS act will take effect at the end of July.

Those looking for more info can visit the CARS website here: