Report: Pontiac G8 Has No Future at New GM Says Lutz

Report: Pontiac G8 Has No Future at New GM Says Lutz

Yesterday we urged GM CEO Fritz Henderson to sit down with his new Vice Chairman Bob Lutz to get their stories about the future of the Pontiac G8 straight. Now they have, and the news isn’t good.

Bob Lutz posted on GM’s corporate Fastlane Blog that the G8 will not live on as the Chevrolet Caprice. In fact, it won’t live on at all. “The G8 will not be a Caprice after all. I’d mentioned it, and said we were studying it, giving it a serious look, because a car like the G8 was just too good to waste,” wrote Lutz, who continued; “But I have to say that, with my new ‘marketing’ hat on, upon further review and careful study, we simply cannot make a business case for such a program. Not in today’s market, in this economy, and with fuel regulations what they are and will be.”

Lutz then expressed his personal disappointment, but said there was just no way to make the car happen and that the company’s resources had to be placed elsewhere.

He then tried to reassure rear-wheel drive, performance enthusiasts saying that, “in no way does this mean we are backing away from performance, or backing away from rear-wheel drive.” He applauded the Holden team in Australia and said that he would like to look to their products to bring another RWD vehicle over in the future, but not now.

Sadly, the G8 will bow out after a short stay in the North American marketplace, an emotional product that fell victim to “further review and careful study.”

How about an apology for getting our hopes up Bob?

[Source: GM Fastlane Blog]

  • JOHN

    FINALLY GM MAKES A HALF DECENT GOOD LOOKING AUTOMOBILE WITH ALL THE OPTIONS AND DOWN THE TUBES IT GOES WHY CANT YOU CALL IT A CHEVROLET G8 AND KEEP THE SAME DESIGNS?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Eric

    LUTZ, FRITZ, GM YOU GUYS SUCK!!!! You guys just dont get it right? How about giving the American public what they want. Not, what you want to give us!!!! New General Motors, huh! Sounds like the same ol’ BS that got you guys into this mess. Im glad I purchased my G8 GT when I did. I know whole heartdly, now that you killed Pontiac and now G8/Caprice, I will not be lining your pockets with my hard earned money any longer. I have no reason to buy another GM product………EVER.

    Good luck to you and your “NEW GM”


  • Paul

    I am 50 years old and have two sons 26 and 22, We have owed over 100 GM cars in our lifetimes. I bought a G8 three months ago and really think it is the best chasis/ride ever for a GM sedan. I also have a 2008 zo6. Given GM’s decision to kill pontiac and not carry over the G8- say goodbye GM to our family forever – our family will never buy a product from you again. I know its about the money for you – never has been about the customer or the product!

  • Mitch

    It really sucks of you GM to finaly have a car that people want and you are no going to offer it ? I really dont understand I dont have a my G8 yet but i guess i will not be buying a new G8 GT or GXP i will be buying a used one I guess if any one knows of a great deal on the LAST GREAT CAR FROM PONTIAC PLEASE LET ME KNOW it is just like bringing back the camaro and NOT THE FIREBIRD or the best car ever Trans Am maybe some day Maybe you guys will get it right if you would have had the G8 a few years earlier
    PONTIAC would still be here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JR

    That is the FINAL nail in the coffin for my liking of GM products. GM has stopped making cars that people want since this “green” fanaticism took over. Get with the times, GM. Ford Motor Company and Chrysler have kicked your butts because they offer products that people WANT! The Camaro is the only appealing product in your lineup besides the pickup trucks. You can’t even get THAT right anymore. It is a sad state when any Ford or Chrysler product can wipe the floor with a GM product. Harley Earl is rolling in his grave. Get back to work producing good cars, not CRAP! I own a Mercury now and will be looking at Ford or Chrysler for my next car. The Caprice/G8 could have helped save your a****, but your ineffective leadership blocked it. In short, take a chance. If it’s good, people will buy it. The chances you are taking now are bad.

  • BGP

    Should have cut GMC,as it’s basically the same as a Chevrolet…..BAD decision!!!

  • M-DUB

    They need to bring the Caprice to the U.S asap and the Lumina(G8). Why are they selling the best cars over seas? This why they when under, selling us the FWD B.S.!!!

  • Edward Lee

    I see someone is thinking the same thing about cars and quality to give the customer what they want instead of what they want us to have and give reasonably priced cars so we can fit it into our budget, even if the insurance was reasonable too. To everyone out there I have over twenty-years of experience in car designs and I been working on cars that you want. I have vehicles like the new DTS-V series, The Buick Electra 225, a brand new malibu ss Coupe,and these are just a few cars that I have already designed for the customers who really want cars designed by passion and for the art of the automobile. I can be THE CEO OF GM because work for you, my job is to give you what you want and not waste money on a concept car that will never be built. To waste a million dollars on a car that won’t get built is crazy, I will go from concept to production in 16 months so you can have it in your driveway. You want a person with potential then I’ve got it I am the person who cares for the employee’s and customers with no bs talk TRUST ME.

  • wayne

    I own a G8 GT, Pontiac finally nailed a true performance car. Just bring back Pontaic line, why rebadge a already excellent car. Chev is just trying to reach to far. Just bring Pontiac line back its what the public really wants. GM still has two truck lines why???

  • Cheryl

    Please bring back the Pontiac line!!! I’m dying to get a Pontiac G8, and the new substitute just doesn’t do it for me!!! The G8 really is the perfect car from style to performance and everything in between!!! Something finally went right, and then gets taken away….sad day!!!

  • Ryan Colorado

    X2 BGP. Just a sad waste. Pontiac should have won over the Grandpa brand and yes, why do they need a Silverado AND- Sierra? No sense made. BTW, LOVIN the FORD RAPTOR.

  • Jorge8819

    ya the G8 lives on at the new Chevrolet SS