Spied: Suzuki Kizashi Production Model Uncovered

Spied: Suzuki Kizashi Production Model Uncovered

Suzuki has been in the North American marketplace for a long time, but you’d hardly know it. The Japanese automaker hopes to change all that by stepping into the ultra-competitive mid-size sedan category competing alongside cars like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

Set to officially launch tomorrow, the Kizashi (or at least that’s the name given to the concept car) was spied just ahead of its debut. The last time we saw the car it was doing some hot weather testing in Dubai and was spied by a citizen journalist. Back then the vehicle was masked in both the front and rear.

What we can see now is a massive front grill along the lines of Audi’s new design or the previous generation VW Golf. The earlier spy photos showed a rather uninspiring car but now with the covers removed its quite striking.

We’ll be sure to update you more photos and full specifications once they become available.

GALLERY: Suzuki Kizashi


[Source: NextAutos]

  • RCJ

    Beautiful car. Understated but classy. No doubt Suzuki will sell even the basic version loaded like their other cars for a value leading price.

  • Jeremy

    Definitely nice. Has the front end of a vw/audi.. the exhuast tips look like it came from the mazda 6. It overall has a very nice look, and the interior is beautiful if u check out suzuki.com. Also 6 speed manual available 🙂

  • rose young- stewart

    How would the low sides and low front end do in these deep heavy upstate NY snows? I’d like it to be a little higher. I really wish they’d come back with the X90 that nice little 2 seater coupe with the high roof so cute. i saw one today at the drive up bank it looked brand new. i understand they stopped manufacturing them about 10 years ago this one must have been in storage all that time. It was just perfect .