Frankfurt 2009: 2010 Volvo C70 Gets A New Look

Frankfurt 2009: 2010 Volvo C70 Gets A New Look

Along with a redesigned version of the C30 hatchback, Volvo also debuted a facelifted C70 model at the Frankfurt Auto Show. While the retractable hard-top convertible isn’t entirely new for 2010, the redesign shows a noticeably different body with design cues from the S60 Concept and the new XC60 crossover. Volvo will also offer the C70 in a new Flamenco Red Pearl paint. Out back, the C70 now also gets LED tail lights.

Inside, a slight dash redesign helps keep things modern and luxurious.

“The Volvo C70 has classic convertible lines and a strong identity of its own,” explains Fedde Talsma, Exterior Chief Designer at Volvo Cars. “We’ve carefully redesigned the front and rear with a more aggressive presence that more closely mimics the new XC60. Inside, we’ve upgraded the materials to enhance the C70’s atmosphere of luxury and enjoyment inside the car.”

As expected, the C70 is incredibly safe. Included in the vehicle’s long list of safety features are roll-over bars that deploy when necessary. Volvo’s Rollover Protection System (ROPS) even uses metal spikes on the bars to break through the car’s rear glass. In addition, side curtain airbags are included, which have been mounted to the doors in the absence of a roof structure.

The C70’s roof opens and closes in a lengthy 30 seconds. One great feature, however, is that the trunk can be opened separately of the roof compartment. This is ideal as so many hard-top convertibles require you to life the incredibly heavy rear clamshell to access the trunk.

As for the engine, it continues to be Volvo’s turbocharged five-cylinder with 227hp and 236 ft-lbs of torque.

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  • Volvo Forever

    According to Volvo Sweden & Volvo USA this is the 2011 C70, not the 2010 C70 which is already on the market.