Frankfurt Preview: Volkswagen 1-Liter Concept Car Gets 189 MPG

Frankfurt Preview: Volkswagen 1-Liter Concept Car Gets 189 MPG

Back in 2002 Volkswagen first showed its two-seater One-Liter Concept car and tomorrow at the Frankfurt Auto Show Germany’s largest automaker will unveil an updated version of that vehicle.

Called the One-Liter or L1 Concept because of its ability to travel 100km on 1 liter of gasoline (235 mpg), the latest edition isn’t quite so fuel-efficient, but it is slightly more realistic. Reported to be powered by a 29hp two-cylinder diesel engine mated to a seven-seed DSG transmission, and weighing just 380 kg (838 lbs) the L1 is capable of 189.6 mpg.

As mini-cars continue to grow in popularity in markets like Europe and Asia, a production version of the L1 Concept is a possibility in the not-too-distant future. Volkswagen has also been clear about its intent to develop small vehicles for developing markets.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow (September 15th) when Volkswagen will reportedly unveil the latest L1 Concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show to see just exactly where VW is headed with its latest concept.

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