Report: 2011 Infiniti QX SUV Spied

Report: 2011 Infiniti QX SUV Spied

Thanks to a budding spy-photographer with a cell phone camera we have these images of the next Infiniti QX. Reportedly taken at a private event in the middle-east, the photos show a significantly revised look with much of the old luxury SUV’s odd proportions smoothed over.

Looking a lot more like it’s Lexus LX competition, the QX gets an imposing grille and what appear to be smaller windows, giving the SUV a more serious look. It also gets a massive set of wheels and some fender vents.

There’s no official word that it will continue to be called the QX56, but its unlikely Infiniti will have an all-new engine for such a low volume vehicle. We’ll be sure to bring you updates once Infiniti makes an official announcement on the 2011 QX.

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[Source: VWVortex]