Report: Buick Looks at Premium Small Car Market with Avant Concept

Report: Buick Looks at Premium Small Car Market with Avant Concept

Around the world automakers are starting to adapt to the reality that consumers are looking for luxury in increasingly smaller packages. Buick has taken notice, setting its engineers and designers to work on a few ideas for a small premium car that could one day joint the Buick lineup.

In an effort to get feedback from consumers, Buick then went and posted images and a short video of this new Avant Concept on GM’s Lab website.

To show how early on in the process Buick is, there isn’t just one idea for this new car, but several, with a collection of different looking vehicles, from things that almost look like crossovers, to functional city cars, to stylish designs (like the one above) that seem to show influences of the Nissan 370Z and Bugatti Veyron.

As for the engineering side, the Avant concept has several unique features, including a trunk area that “presents” the luggage, to doors that can open normally as well as slide sideways for better use in congested urban areas. There is even a movable driver’s seat and steering column that can be shifted closer to the center of the car (for an F1-style feel) when there is no one in the passenger seat.

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GALLERY: Buick Avant Concept


[Source: GM Lab]

  • Freddy Bishop

    Rumor? Buick will build sports car similar to Pontiac Solstice on the solsice \PLATFORM \ TRUE ,please inform !