Report: Honda Releases New Images of 2010 Accord Crosstour

Report: Honda Releases New Images of 2010 Accord Crosstour

Honda is trying hard to promote its new 2010 Accord Crosstour… too hard. The Japanese automaker decided to introduce the world to its new Accord-based crossover via Facebook, where through a free and democratic process people decided it was ugly. And because it is Facebook, people didn’t hold back on their comments.

Then what became a bad situation got much worse after Honda deleted several posts, one of which was even a positive comment. That comment, however, came from a Honda product planner who did not identify himself as such, and in doing so went against company policy.

Honda then admitted that the initial photos they released were not all that good and said that they didn’t show the car favorably. Which makes one wonder why they chose the photos in the first place.

Now Honda has released four new photos of the 2010 Accord Crosstour, in different locations, and in red, to hopefully change people’s minds. It does look slightly better proportioned to us and we have to admit that there are many vehicles that look much better in person than on paper. Then again, Honda’s and Acura’s design teams haven’t exactly been on a roll as of late.

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  • will

    There’s not really anything wrong with the car or whatever they classify it as. The problem is it’s just like what everybody else doing. i don’t even understand what’s the point of these “crossover” vehicles. What are they crossing over. Why not just make an accord wagon just like europe gets, with a high performance motor just like europe, japan, or even canada get. i feel like we’re getting robbed of some of the best motors in the world. we get what nobody else wants, smaller motors or underpowered motors in nice looking cars. the crosstour is not anything special with chevy, dodge, ford, and everybody else already having one. look at subaru for example, they make a wagon that is functional for having space and cargo but is available with that beast of a motor, so you get a practical, nice looking wagon that can throw you in the back of your seat and handle like a sports car if your by yourself getting on the freeway. honda needs to do what they do best, which is hp per litre and do that for everyone, america included. we have more open roads than some of these other countries yet we get treated as if it’s bumper to bumper all over the country. we want the best honda has to offer and i’m not saying make a nice car and throw an acura badge on it either.

  • William Campbell

    I like the look i was hoping it was going to get the deisel engine I been hearng so much about from Europe. That would be a great choice for this car.

  • Barry

    Honda blew it!! What a miserable looking vehicle. How “PINTOish”. Remember the Pinto from the seventies!
    Why in heavens name didn’t they take the European version I don’t know. They would have clesned up the crossover market. Way to go American Honda, no Japanese design in this vehicle. BLAH!! I’ve been a Honda owner since ’91 and this just disappoints me. I was hoping to have a wagon type vehicle but looks like Honda is not listening. A Mazda6 wagon looks pretty good right now!