Spied: Lotus Exige Caught Testing Out Evora V6

Spied: Lotus Exige Caught Testing Out Evora V6

According to a report by LeftLaneNews, Lotus has been spied testing a version of its Exige, powered by the same V6 engine that can be found in the new Evora.

While some Exige models make as much as 260hp using a supercharged four-cylinder, the Evora’s V6 (sourced from the Toyota Camry) makes 276 ponies without the need for forced induction.

There is the possibility that under the familiar bodywork this is actually the next-generation Exige. There is also a strong possibility that this could be some limited edition model.

Regardless, as the report gives no real photographic evidence to support the V6 claim, and a V6-powered Exige seems to fly in the face of the light-weight Lotus philosophy, we’ll wear our skeptical hat for now.

[Source: LeftLaneNews]