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 |  Sep 30 2009, 4:35 PM


Honda intends to put the focus on its environmentally friendly alternative energy vehicles at the Tokyo Auto Show next month, showcasing several products, including the undeniably cute EV-N electric car concept.

The car will be in display in the HELLO! Zone (which apparently stands for Honda Electric mobility Loop) next to the hydrogen fuel-cell FXC Clarity, the EV-Cub electric motorcycle, the EV-MONPAL electric personal mobility device, the unicycle-like U3-X personal mobility device and LOOP, a cell phone that lets both people and mobility devices talk to each other (Skynet anyone?).

Along with things like swappable seats and a roof with solar panels on it, the EV-N also comes with a U3-X that fits inside the driver’s door!

We have to think this concept (as cute as it is) is eventually destined for production to take on vehicles like the Volkswagen E-Up! Concept, which just debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

GALLERY: Honda EV-N Concept


[Source: Honda]

  • anis

    I wish i can get the car for free..
    please honda, give me one…