Report: Dodge Challenger Gets Limited Edition Plum Crazy Paint for 2010

Report: Dodge Challenger Gets Limited Edition Plum Crazy Paint for 2010

Dodge has announced that for 2010 it is resurrecting the Plum Crazy paint color. The eye-catching shade of purple will be available on Challenger SRT and R/T Classic models, which will also get black dual wide side stripes or optional white stripes. All Plum Crazy R/T models will get Plum stitching on the seats, while SRT models will get a Plum seat stripe. The package can be had for $225 on the R/T and $500 on the SRT model.

In addition, for 2010 the R/T manual transmission models get the option of a Super Track Pack that delivers Goodyear 245/45/20 tires, an upgraded suspension, upgraded brakes and he ability to completely turn ESP off. This package can be had for just $400.

With the introduction of Plum Crazy Dodge has also ceased the limited run of the Detonator Yellow and B-5 Blue colors.

[Source: AllPar & MotorAuthority]

  • Phil

    I own two vintage Coronet R/T`s, and my thought is simple, I can`t go back to 1970 and get a Plum Crazy R/T, but I can get one from my Dodge Dealer in 2010! Rock On! Who says you can`t
    go home again?

  • Professor Plum

    Just got mine today!
    Plum crazy R/T Classic w/dual sideline WHITE R/T stripes.
    Upgrading to the 430 Audio System and the White Mopar leather seats w/ the plum crazy piping for UNDER the available 2K in Mopar cash!
    I have waited my ENTIRE life for THIS car!
    My father always had a Vette and a Mopar Dodge or Plymouth.
    I never thought the chance would ever come (BEFORE I get to where I’m going , that is…*S*) for ME to have my OWN Plum Crazy Challenger with the Track Pak!

    “Music” Professor Plum