Report: Future Chrysler and Lancia Models to Share Platforms

Report: Future Chrysler and Lancia Models to Share Platforms

Yesterday Chrysler’s new owners at Fiat announced that the Chrysler brand would now be under the stewardship of Lancia brand head Olivier Francois. Today it is more evident why, as both Chrysler and Lancia will share product platforms in the future.

The alliance will see Lancia get a redesigned version of the 300C as a new flagship, replacing the unattractive Thesis (pictured above). Chrysler’s first Lancia-based product is likely to be a small premium hatchback. The Lancia brand is also scheduled to get a version of whatever the Chrysler/Fiat alliance can dream up to replace the Sebring.

So far, it looks like Fiat is likely to benefit more from this relationship than Chrysler, although we’re not sure if you can classify hand-me-down Chrysler products as a good thing. Still, the 300C is one of the best things to come out of Chrysler in recent history and its easy to see why Lancia wants it.

Fiat has declared that it wants to make Chrysler a brand that can take on Cadillac, meaning that Francois certainly has his work cut out for him. Francois has, however, proven to be quite good at changing perceptions, having restored faith in one-struggling Lancia brand.

[Source: Automotive News via LeftLaneNews]