Report: Mazda Design Boss Pushing for New RX-7

Report: Mazda Design Boss Pushing for New RX-7

Mazda’s design boss is working hard to convince company executives to build a successor to the RX-7. He has even gone so far as to create design sketches for the next generation sports car.

In an interview wit the U.K.’s AutoCar, Ikuo Maeda said that the car would be a two-seater and like it’s predecessors, it would be powered by a rotary engine.

Mazda has been without a halo car since the third generation vehicle ceased production in 2002. The RX-8 was brought to market shortly thereafter, but as a significantly more pedestrian sports car.

AutoCar suggests that if Madea is successful we should expect a concept next year. Much like the rest of Mazda’s lineup it will probably have a more progressive design – hopefully along the lines of the Furai concept, pictured above.

[Source: Autocar]