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 |  Oct 29 2009, 11:21 AM


The latest version of the Porsche GT3 RS has posted an impressive Nürburgring lap time, running the ‘Ring in 7:33. The report of the race ready street car’s new lap time comes from the U.K.’s EVO magazine, which says an unnamed Porsche test driver was behind the wheel.

The run was made with other cars on the track and having reviewed several laps of video, the EVO folks say the RS should be good for a 7:30. That’s impressive, but still 2.5 seconds (or 5.5 seconds if you use the 7:33 time), off the GT-R, which recently managed a 7:27.56. Regardless, it’s not like the GT-R is the ‘Ring record holder either, with the Corvette ZR1 having posted a 7:26.4 and the Dodge Viper ACR a 7:22.1 lap time. The Gumpert Apollo makes a big improvement over those times with a 7:11.57, while the Radical SR8LM destroys them all with a 6:48.

Down a solid 30hp on the GT-R and without AWD, its an impressive run for the Porsche. Now we’ll just have to wait until the next GT2 arrives to see if Porsche can finally build a faster Ring-runner than Nissan.

[Source: EVO]