Report: Next 6 Series “Best-Looking BMW in Years” Says U.S. Boss

Report: Next 6 Series “Best-Looking BMW in Years” Says U.S. Boss

Jim O’Donnell, the man in charge of BMW North America has said that the next iteration of the company’s 6 Series will be the “best-looking BMW in years.” O’Donnell made the comments to Automobile magazine prior to the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Calling it, “really stunning,” O’Donnell said that both the coupe and convertible models will be radically different than the current car, which has been harshly critiqued for everything from its enormous “Bangle-butt” rear end to its plane-Jane design that is somewhat unbecoming of its price tag.

The move seems to be the latest in a long list of changes the company has made over the past few years to quietly correct its mistakes with the previous generation of cars. From all-but eliminating the iDrive system to de-Bangleing its designs, BMW is making big changes. And if the new look of vehicles like the 7 Series and Z4 are an hint, we’re sure to love the new 6.

As for when we might see such a car; it is expected to make its official debut at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show, although a concept version could most certainly appear long before then.

[Source: Automobile Magazine]