Report: Top Chevy Volt Engineer Leaving GM for Opel

Report: Top Chevy Volt Engineer Leaving GM for Opel

Frank Weber, the engineer that is currently running Chevy’s Volt project is parting ways with General Motors. Weber, will be returning to his homeland of Germany, where he will take up a senior management roll at Opel.

GM is currently in the process of selling Opel to Canada’s Magna International and Opel is set to produce its own version of the Volt (called the Ampera) in 2011. No doubt Weber’s expertise on the matter will be extremely beneficial in doing so.

According to GM spokesman Dave Roman, the move was planned and Weber’s replacement has already been found. That man is Doug Parks, who has been at Opel since 2007 and was also involved in the creation of car’s like the Opel Astra and Chevy Cruze.

The is the second big staffing change on the Volt project in the past few weeks with Bob Kruse, GM’s top engineer for hybrids and electric cars, recently having left the company to start his own consulting firm.

[Source: Automotive News]