SEMA Preview: Lingenfelter to Give Trans Am New Life… and 655 Horsepower

SEMA Preview: Lingenfelter to Give Trans Am New Life… and 655 Horsepower

Get out your old Whitesnake muscle shirt because the Trans Am is back… sort of. The Corvette and Chevy tuning experts at Lingenfelter have announced that they will bring a modern Trans Am to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas next week, taking inspiration from the 1971 second-gen TA. That means it will have a 445-cubic inch V8 engine under the hood making 655-hp.

The car will also get a duck-tail spoiler, fender vents, a twin-port front grille, 20-inch honeycomb wheels and the obligatory screamin’ chicken. Lingenfelter also promises a retr0-styled interior.

Called the Lingenfeler LTA (Lingenfelter Trans Am) Concept the car is a one-off, but there is cretain to be huge demand for the car – especially considering the popularity of the new Camaro – so a limited number of production models is a definite possibility

We’ll be sure to bring you full coverage of the Lingenfelter Trans Am from the SEMA Show starting November 3rd.

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GALLERY: Lingenfelter Trans Am

455 TA lead new 717-1.jpg455 TA 2 717.jpg455 TA 717.jpg

[Source: InsideLine]

  • Dallen Shields

    I had a new 98 TA asnd I want a newer version of the TA.

  • Michael Proulx

    I own a 1980 514 c.i.,PONTIAC POWERED,IF ITS NOT POWERED BY PONTIAC ITS NOT A TRUE PONCHO.Lingerfelter car looks great but the last true T/A was built in 1981,the best ever was the 455sd bottom line,no chevy powered T/A is truely accepted by real PONTIAC FREAKS.

  • mark

    when is it on sale??? its a 455 engine you say 445 above, awesome car how much will it be?? much better looks than camaro thanks mark

  • mike

    you suck i have tried 5-6 times to leave a comment and your half assed sight wont let me