Tokyo Preview: Stunning Toyota FT-86 Concept Delivers “Racecar-like” Handling

Tokyo Preview: Stunning Toyota FT-86 Concept Delivers “Racecar-like” Handling

Until today, if someone asked you what the best looking Toyota from the past decade was, you’d have a tough time thinking something up. As of today, the answer is the FT-86 Concept, which is set to officially debut at the Tokyo Auto Show later this month.

The name FT-86 brings together Toyota’s past and future, with the “FT” coming from the FT-HS hybrid concept from a few years back, while the “86” is donated from the AE-86, a small rear-drive, two-door Corolla-based sports car (called the Hachi-Roku), made famous by drifters.

Other than the design of the car (which is certainly impressive with plenty of Lexs LF-A inspired goodness), we don’t know a lot about the FT-86 concept yet.

What we do know is that it will be light weight, with “racecar-like handling” and be powered by a 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder engine. While Toyota hasn’t said as much, this is most likely donated from the boxer-engine experts at Subaru – meaning that the FT-86 is the mysterious Toyobaru.

Toyota hasn’t said as much, but you can be certain this concept car is headed for production in the very near future.

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Official release after the jump:

1. FT-86 Concept (world premiere) The FT-86 (“86” pronounced “hachi roku”), a compact rear-wheel-drive sports car, provides driving joy and excitement.

* Compact design gives driver greater control, while body’s lightness and low center of gravity allow racecar-like handling * Both power and environmental performance provided by 2-liter boxer engine and light body * Flash Red body color contains hint of blue; interior expresses modern feel with minimal coverage of the highly refined structural components evoking enthusiasm for cruising

Vehicle Length Width Height Wheelbase Seating FT-86 Concept 4,160 mm 1,760 mm 1,260 mm 2,570 mm 4

  • Jeremy

    Finally! A sport compact car that competes with the rest! The dashboard is a tad awkward with the zippers, but this is just a concept. I’m pretty excitement for Toyota! Keep the affordable compact cars coming President Toyoda!

  • SexieWASD

    RWD – Check
    Standard – Check
    Lightweight – Check
    Firm Suspension – Check
    Grippy Seats – Check
    Big Side Windows – Check
    Comfortable Round Steering Wheel – Check
    Raised Hand Brake – Check
    Four Wheel Disk Brakes – Check

    Someone at Toyota likes to drive.

    Those rear brakes look interesting, it looks like it has a separate disk grabbing E-brake. That is something that I really hope carries over to the final version, if not at least the disk grabbing part. I hope that the air tunnels for the front brakes aren’t fake, because I am fairly sure slotted rotors won’t be stock on the final version.

    I think that the only thing I don’t like is the lack of removable speaker grills, non standard din slot radio, and most of all, an analog tachometer.

    One thing that really catches my eye and makes me really really unbelievably curios, Is that a GPS display of Fuji Speedway in the middle of the dash?

  • Auto Body Repairs

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  • Aedan

    They need to ditch the garbage boxer motor for a better suited motor. More like a turbo inline 4 and none of that h4 Subaru stuff. Need to make it more appealing to people ( make it easy to work on and not cost an arm and a leg to replace a head gasket. Maybe even use a turbo 6 cylinder to compete with fords eco-boost. Give it a good amount of horsepower (350) and great handling and you will have a cheap super car almost comparable to a Hyundai Genisis or Mitsubishi Evolution. I have not liked anything from Toyota for the past 10-15 years and this just caught my eye and I loved everything about it except the motor. Don’t go making a good looking car and completely under power it. Make it fast, reliable, and affordable.

  • Goggles Pizano

    Well said Aedan,

    Good form old chap!!!! I thought the same as well when i came to the engine description…….it would be the only thing holding this car back…..i mean sure…you could spend the money and get 300hp out of the 2.0 boxter……but you might as well have bought a subaru in the end…..

  • Ruhann van der Merwe

    What a awesome car I would like to drive it, and how much does it cost?