Breaking: Ferrari P4/5 Competizione Confirmed

Breaking: Ferrari P4/5 Competizione Confirmed

James Glickenhaus, the man behind the coachbuilt Pininfarina Ferrari P4/5, has confirmed that he will build a race version of the car to compete in endurance racing.

The P4/5, which debuted at the 2006 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, is a one-off rebodied Ferrari Enzo, built by the Pininfarina design house to look like the famous 1967 Ferrari P4 race car. It is reported to have cost Glickenhaus $4 million.

The P4/5 Competizione would be a race-ready sibling to that car and will likely cost even more.

Several months back when Glickenhaus first proposed the idea he admitted it was a long shot, saying that, “There are a LOT of stars that would have to align for this to happen but it’s not impossible.”

Glickenhaus recently posted on FerrariChat under his screen name of Napoli that, “Things are starting to come together. It will take time but there is excitement and real interest. Thanks to my Partners in this adventure! This will be some trip and it has begun. P 4/5 took on a life of her own. May P 4/5 Competizione follow her example.”

It is expected that the Pininfarina Ferrari P4/5 would be entered at an upcoming Nürburgring 24 hour race.

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