LA Preview: No Ferrari 458 For Sunny SoCal

LA Preview: No Ferrari 458 For Sunny SoCal

Excited for the LA Auto Show? Can’t wait to see the new Ferrari 458 in person after its worldwide debut in Frankfurt a few months back? We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the amazing new 458 won’t be on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show. In fact, no Ferrari will – well, not any official Ferrari cars anyway. (We’re sure a few tuners will have some modified F cars).

After showing the California at the LA Auto Show last year, several rumors pointed towards Ferrari displaying a possible hybrid prototype in 2009. That, we have now learned, will not be the case.

Ferrari has made the decision not to have an official presence at the LA Auto Show. Most likely this means a private event will be held near by, but the Italian automaker hasn’t released any info on that either.

Also absent will be Aston Martin, which we expected would use the show to give a North American debut to its new Rapide sedan.

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