Report: AMG Considering Diesel-Power For Future Products

Report: AMG Considering Diesel-Power For Future Products

Mercedes’ AMG division is always one step ahead when it comes to performance, but recently the engineering division has made it clear it also wants to be first when it comes to more “green” technologies including reduced weight and alternative fuels – or even fuel alternatives.

The brand’s flagship Black Series cars are already moving in the right direction in terms of reducing the weight of vehicles to achieve improved performance and more recently the focus has turned to what will power the cars of the future.

AMG has made it clear that over the next few years it will develop and then release a electric version of the SLS – the first ground-up vehicle ever built by AMG. But that’s not all, according to one AMG product manager, Oliver Weich, the company hasn’t ruled out diesel engines. Diesels certainly make plenty of low-end torque and have become increasingly popular options in motorsports over the past few years. And if you’ll recall, in 2008 German rival Audi even went so far as to build a concept version of the R8 sports car using a V12 TDI engine that made 493-hp and a whopping 738 ft-lbs of torque.

Still, Weich said that while the future of AMG could see diesels being used, he also said that, “if you look at our announcement on the electric SLS, you can see what is in the future.”

[Source: WhatCar]