Report: Dodge Viper Production Halts in 2010, Replacement Due 2012

Report: Dodge Viper Production Halts in 2010, Replacement Due 2012

Chrysler will stop production of the Dodge Viper in 2010 and replace it with its successor in 2012.

The announcement came on a day of extensive announcements about Chrysler’s plans for the next five years. The new Viper will be one of 11 all-new or redesigned Dodge vehicles that will debut by 2014.

Production on the Dodge Viper will halt in mid-2010,  and its replacement will utilize engineering from the Fiat Group which includes Ferrari and Maserati.

The question remains however whether the new car will even be called “Viper”. Also unclear is what this will mean for the approximately 100 employees at Chrysler’s Conner Avenue Assembly Pant in Detroit which produces the Dodge Viper.

[Source: CNN, Motortrend]

  • Jay Herbert

    It will be great to see what the Gen IV Snake will bring! We started out with raw go fast raw muscle, then moved to a slightly civilized snake with even more power (with roll-up window…. oh my!), and now the Gen III’s are King of the Horsepower Hills!

    Maybe with all of Fiats sports car expertise (Ferrari?), we could get the best of all worlds, American V-10 Muscle, torque and style with unrivaled refinement, an “oxymoron?”, we shall see. As long as it’s styling sends woman and children screaming…. we’ll be OK 😉 As Bill Cosby once said, “Piiiipes….. Piiiiipes, wait ’till those Chevy boys see these pipes!!!!


  • Snuppy Won

    Dodge NEVER made a dime on VIPER…long on image, and very short on ROI…When the news comes that it never even intended to be built in 2012…you didn’t hold your breath, did you?

    Rest in Peace Snake eyes, as this was nothing more than a car for juveniles with some extra cash to lose.

  • bigdaytona

    I read in mopar muscle that VW would have a hand in the viper replacement. They said since dodge has made caravans for vw to badge with the routahn “or however they spell it” name, VW having a hand in lamborghini would return the favor by providing a replacement for the viper based on the gallardo platform. How much truth there is to this i dont know….Just pointing out what it said.

  • Colum Wood

    I’d say it’s quite unlikely. A nice theory, but with Chrysler owned by Fiat and Fiat owning Ferrari, they’re more likely to go with an old Ferrari platform. That’s also pie-in-the-sky. I still can’t believe the Mercedes SLS was once the Viper