Report: Next Impalla Will be Front-Drive With a Hybrid Option

Report: Next Impalla Will be Front-Drive With a Hybrid Option

Despite continued rumors to the contrary, the next iteration of the Chevrolet Impala will not be rear-wheel drive. In an interview with InsideLine, GM’s product boss Bob Lutz, definitively stated that the car will put power to the front wheels. Lutz would only give vague details about the car, which is probably all he has, considering how far away the production version is.

Earlier reports have pegged the next Impala’s launch for 2013 as a 2014 model, by which time the current vehicle will be a fossil. Lutz said the car will be larger and get more equipment but will continue to have a strong focus on fuel economy. He also said it will be designed to more competitively meet with new models like the Ford Taurus, however, by 2014, Ford is likely to have an even newer Tarus on the market.

In addition, the new Impala, which will be based on the same architecture as the upcoming Cadillac XTS flagship sedan (and built alongside that car in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada), and will be compatible with GM’s new hybrid technology. So expect hybrid versions of both the Impala and XTS.

[Source: InsideLine]

  • SJD

    I think the plan is a good one.
    The present Impala is very competent(I had a 2004), with a low-cost, pretty bullet-proof pushrod engine and good mileage.
    The Malibu is only marginally smaller for those who want a good-size, modern Chevy. For those who want a modern, full-sized car right now, Buick offers larger, cutting-edge, well-rated rides.

  • For crying out loud GM, make this car rear wheel drive! 300Hp cars that are front wheel drive are just to hard to handle. I would buy this car in a heartbeat if it were rear wheel drive.