Report: Titan Will Live On Without Chrysler, Says Nissan CEO

Report: Titan Will Live On Without Chrysler, Says Nissan CEO

Somehow Nissan will bring a successor to the Titan pickup truck to market, although it’s not known how or when. In an interview with InsideLine, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said that the Titan will remain. “”Titan will have a replacement,” he said. “We are staying in the large pickup truck market.”

The next Titan was expected to be a rebadged version of the new Dodge Ram, but Chrysler canceled plans for that project shortly after emerging from bankruptcy protection.

That being said, Nissan may continue to use an updated version of the current Titan’s platform, which also underpins vehicles like the Armada, Pathfinder, Xterra, Frontier and Infiniti QX56..

[Source: InsideLine]

  • robert

    I can’t wait to see how they can improve on the Titan. I’ve been absolutely impressed with my 2005 LE crew. I’m willing to continue owning Nissan’s for a long time to come.

  • Rich

    I am glad to see that Nissan is not going to share a platform with Dodge. My 2004 Titan LE is much better than my brothers 04 Ram. Don’t mess up a good thing!!!!!

  • Denny

    I’ve never heard swetter words than the Titan will remain a Nissan and NOT a Dodge. I love my 06 Titan SE Crew Cab. The best truck I’ve ever owned. I will second Rich’s comment about not messing up a good thing!!

  • Ted

    I sold my Titan (which has brake and transmission issues nobody could seem to sort out) and bought a Sierra in late 2007. Never go back, better mileage, more comfortable and does everything I ask easily.

  • Jon

    Just the opposite here Ted, I had a Silverado, the trans went out at less than 60k, the x-fer case lock after that, etc, etc, etc. I have a 05 Titan just turned 170k yesterday and have had only minor problems, like brakes, rear dif seal. I want a diesel Titan!

  • Bret

    I love my 08 Titan, would never trade to a Dodge.

  • Junebug

    Glad to hear than Nissan has changed their mind on the Titan/Dodge idea. To me, it would be a big step backwards to team with MOPAR on anything.

  • Butch

    As a former Dodge owner, I can honestly say my 2009 Titan out performs the old dodge in every way except for breaks, Nissan has to do better