SEMA 2009: Kevin Morgan Designs Trans Am Makes Official Debut

SEMA 2009: Kevin Morgan Designs Trans Am Makes Official Debut

The Lingenfelter Trans Am Concept wasn’t the only TA on display at the 2009 SEMA Show, with Kevin Morgan Designs debuting its version of the iconic car. Based on a slightly more modern interpretation of the Trans Am, the Kevin Morgan car takes its cues from the 1977-’78 model and is based on the all-new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.

The car certainly looks aggressive with a low slung front air dam and a massive gold Screamin’ Chicken on the hood. And of course, there’s a big ducktail spoiler and a stylish set of golf mesh wheels.

The team even went so far as to built a classic Pontiac logo into the car’s new front end.

On the whole, we like it more than the Lingenfelter design, although the gold interior accents are definitely excessive.

Kevin Morgan Designs has announced a deal with the Trans Am Depot and is expected to start offering the Phoenix Trans Am conversion in the near future.

GALLERY: Kevin Morgan Designs Trans Am


  • Tom

    I Like it a lot.I know it’s the paint and decals but the front end looks like it is staring you down.


  • mike

    this car looks graet in the front and back . The only thing is the wing is to big .

  • Josh

    The car looks great but that spoiler kills it for me. Matter of fact the whole rear looks funny.

  • Michael Spencer

    Build it. I love the car overall. The only thing is the rear end lights & the wing. Do the lights & wing like a 02 model then you have a nice car.

  • John

    If the rear didn’t look so “interestin'” I’d say that’s the next Bandit car