SEMA 2009: Lingenfelter Trans Am Debuts in Vegas

SEMA 2009: Lingenfelter Trans Am Debuts in Vegas

On display at the Nitto tires booth at the 2009 SEMA Show is a modern interpretation of the Pontiac Trans Am. Based on a 2010 Camaro, the car was designed and built by the Corvette and Chevy tuning experts at Lingenfelter. The car takes cues from the 1971 second-gen TA and so in order to stay faithful to that car Lingenfelter decided to equip it with a 445 cubic inch V8 engine. That engine, claims Lingenfelter, makes a whopping 655-hp!

The car will also sports a duck-tail spoiler, fender vents, a twin-port front grille, 20-inch honeycomb wheels and the obligatory screamin’ chicken (although it is rather small). There’s even a retro-styled interior with a blue dash and blue leather, stitched in bars on the seats – just like the old days.

Called the Lingenfeler LTA (Lingenfelter Trans Am) Concept the car is a one-off, but there is certain to be huge demand for the car – especially considering the popularity of the new Camaro – so a limited number of production models is a definite possibility.

GALLERY: 2010 Lingenfeler Trans Am Concept


  • david webster

    WOW!!the thought of a 2010 t/a especially with 655 hp;;now that would be somethin.i am a die hard & dont really like[yet;as it will take a lil time to get use to??}the new camaro but if the lingenfelter carz were available;that would speed up the process of gettin use to the new car by alot.i currently own an 04’caddy cts-v with a magnuson supercharger.waitin for the new cts-v coupe and what lingenfelter could do with that????????????????????WOW AGAIN!!webb

  • Josh Gonzalez

    I really appreciate lingenfelter for keeping the t/a dream alive, they are amazing cars and always will be.

  • da tank

    does anyone know when the Trans Am will be available?/ for sale?

  • Josh

    See the Ligenfelter T/A is much cleaner. The lines are much more deserving of the T/A. I know everyone out likes the Smokey and bandit look but they did it injustice with the rear of the Kevin Morgan T/A.

  • Josh

    sorry lingenfelter.

  • Michael Proulx

    I have owned T/As all my life,I am 49 and currently own a 1980 smokey-bandit car w/a 514 c.i. pontiac engine w/super t-10 4 speed,that said I love the lingenfelter T/A the only problem from a true poncho fan is that it needs to be powered by pontiac to make it a true T/A.

  • vic rosen

    i have a 1972 trans am with a 455ho that i restored. i would love to see the new t/a on the road again. sorry, but i think 600hp+ is a bit too much. a road version with 400hp would do just fine.

  • allen

    The T/A looks awesome, my only opinion is the exhaust pipes are not right with the TramsAm… There are two pipes that comes off the rear wheels on each side… Coming out of the rear consider to be a Camaro style back end… Just look at the 70’s look if your going to follow the style of the Firebird or TramsAm!