SEMA 2009: Pirelli Shows 405 Series Tire on Widebody 2010 Camaro

SEMA 2009: Pirelli Shows 405 Series Tire on Widebody 2010 Camaro

It doesn’t get much more extreme than this in the tire business. Known for building ridiculous one-off tires for the SEMA Show, in the past Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli has shown such monstrosities as a 30-inch tire – on a Hummer no less. For the 2009 SEMA Show, the company has decided to go in the opposite direction.

No… we’re not talking about smaller tires, but wider ones. Debuting on a brand new 2010 Camaro are a set of Pirelli tires in a 405/25/24 fitment. The wheels were supplied by bling wheel maker Forgiato and with some custom flared fenders that will have Bumblebee doing a double-take. An AirRunner air bag suspension lets the Camaro drop low for the show, or raise up for more functional use. Still, we doubt this Camaro will even see Main Street, let alone the drag strip.

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GALLERY: 2010 Widebody Camaro With 405/25/24 Pirelli Tires


  • chris velasquez

    Hi I like the idea of wider tires it gives the vehicle a more aggresive look but, I’m wondering u see I’m building a one off dodge truck and I wanted to put a wider tire in the back then up front do yah make a 405 for a dodge ram and if u do how much would it cost because I think it would look badass