SEMA 2009: Yenko Camaro Concept Debuts in Vegas With 600-hp

SEMA 2009: Yenko Camaro Concept Debuts in Vegas With 600-hp

With some of the wacky Camaros over at GM’s booth, the Yenko Camaro concept at the OER booth looks rather unassuming – but isn’t that what a Yenko is all about after all? With the Yenko name owned by General Marketing Capital Incorporated (GMCI), the company has decided to resurrect the brand and hopes to begin production of Yenko models once again.

The first step in that process is this car, the Yenko/SC concept. Along with a subtle aero kit and graphics package, the 2010 Yenko Camaro gets a new set of 22-inch SYC wheels, StopTech brakes, a MagnaFlow exhaust, a Hurst shifter and (as the name suggests) a supercharger under the hood.

Yenko marketing director Ray Yager told us that while a lot of folks might be looking for an engine swa (in true Yenko style), the idea for Yenko Camaros was to make an affordable performance car. Needless to say, a GM crate engine is far more expensive than the MagnaCharger blower currently under the hood. And the result is still a very impressive 600-hp.

Yenko hasn’t confirmed if it will start building Camaros again but the company is hopeful and is looking for partners. And what better place to do that than at the SEMA Show.

GALLERY: 2010 Yenko Camaro/SC