LA 2009: Scion’s Very Purple xB RS 7.0 Debuts in LA

LA 2009: Scion’s Very Purple xB RS 7.0 Debuts in LA

With no new models lined up in the production schedule, Scion has tossed together yet another limited edition Release Series version of its popular xB platform – the seventh no less. Dubbed the xB Release Series 7.0, like previous RS models, this car comes with a full package of aftermarket parts, including a custom paint color, and retails for a pretty reasonable price.

Included in the list of modifications is a DAMD aero kit, including new front and rear lip spoilers and side skirts. In addition, a $320 rear spoiler will be optional. The whole package gets painted in a special color called Murasaki – which means “purple” in Japanese.

The DAMD kit has a unique rear bumper design that allows for a special center-exit exhaust system, designed by TRD. The car also sits lower on a set of TRD lowering springs.

Interior highlights include a RAZO GT Formula Spec shift knob as well as new black seat fabric with purple detailing to match the car’s exterior. There’s also plenty of RS logos and an individually numbered stainless steel RS badge. Just 2,000 xB RS 7.0 models will be built.

As with all Scions, there are plenty of aftermarket parts that the company also sells. We noticed a serious set of TRD brakes on the show car in LA.

As for pricing, Scion lists the car from $18,320 with the manual transmission and $19,270 with the auto-box.

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