Leaked: Honda CR-Z Revealed as Official Brochure Sneaks Out

Leaked: Honda CR-Z Revealed as Official Brochure Sneaks Out

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Thanks to an official brochure that has slipped out, we now have our first glimpse at what the production version of Honda’s upcoming CR-Z hybrid sports car looks like. We also have the specs.

As expected, little has changed from the concept version with the CR-Z taking design cues from the Insight, Civic Type-R hatchback and retaining the chopped-off rear made famous by the CRX.

Under the hood Honda will use its Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) gasoline/electric setup with a 1.5-liter engine and electric motor. Engine power is 112-hp and 107 ft-lbs, while the electric motor kicks in 14-hp and 57 ft-lbs. With either a six-speed manual or CVT gearbox, the CR-Z can hit 62 mph in an unimpressive 9.7 seconds – just a tenth faster than the Prius.

Different driving modes will be available, including Eco, Normal and Sport. And while the CR-Z doesn’t get sports car performance, it certainly does get hybrid fuel economy, trumping the Insight and even the Prius. We didn’t notice the numbers at first, but an AutoGuide reader (Thanks crxgator!) pointed them out to us. The CR-Z is rated at an incredible 52/59 mpg!

As this is a Japanese brochure it’s not guaranteed that these specifications will carry over exactly to the North American spec model, but they are likely to be close.

GALLERY: Honda CR-Z Brochure


GALLERY: Honda CR-Z Concept


[Source: TopSpeed and Temple of VTEC]

  • crxgator

    They have the MGP listed, it’s just in metric – 22.5 KM / L city and 25 KM / L highway. This equates to 52/59 MPG.

  • joe

    The 22.5 KM / L city and 25 KM / L highway are lower than the Insight II in the japanese test cycles.

    The Insight II hybrid is rated as delivering 26 km/L (61 mpg US, 3.8 L/100km) in JC08 mode and 30 km/L (70.6 mpg US, 3.3 L/100km) in 10•15 mode.

    I’m not sure how the CR-Z numbers are represented in the Japanese test cycles, but I would expect teh CR-Z’s to be lower since the engine displacement is larger than the Insight.

  • Colum Wood

    Thanks for those Japanese test cycle numbers. This would seem to suggest a lower number for the Insight, however, a larger engine doesn’t always mean worse fuel economy. Take the 2010 Prius, it gets better highway fuel economy because the lager 1.8-liter engine doesn’t have to work as hard at highway speeds.

  • joe

    True to an extent about displacement. When comparing apples to apples in the Honda IMA arena…displacement matters. I also imagine the CR-Z’s ECU is programmed more for performance than MPG’s.

    Prius is whole different ball game. The electric side of the powertrain is much more front and center in the Toyota system.

  • mahout

    A 112 hp 2 passenger Fit will fail in the marketplace. I expect Mugen will substute at least a 150 hp engine which of course is what Sochiro would have done. Whether by forced induction or more displacement the CRZ MUST be an economical sports car, not a sporty economy car.
    Otherwise it will be another gen2 lot sitter.
    How did these non-performance marketing people get in charge? Sochiro must be spining in his grave at 16,000 rpm.

  • Bill Blazenski

    Honda’s IMA mated with a 14 hp electric motor, will not produce anywhere near 50 mpg in the real world. Expect 35 mpg, or, you will be disappointed.