Report: Audi A1 Not Headed to North America

Report: Audi A1 Not Headed to North America

Over the next several months Audi will unveil a cleveryly divised marketing plan to pump up interest in its upcoming A1 model. But if you live in North America, just ignore it all, as the luxury German automaker has no plans to deliver the car to the U.S.

Previous reports had suggested that the car was created with the U.S. market in mind, but according to an item on InsideLine, if you want an A1 – move to Germany.

The North American marketplace is only just beginning to accept sub-compacts en masse and the sale of premium sub-compacts is still in its infancy stages. And while the A1 isn’t likely to be the best thing North America has missed out on, we’re certain to really regret the decision if Audi ever does plan an RS model.

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  • SL

    the rumor is that is not headed to North America coz on internal test it was found out that it does not meet safety standards