Report: Chevy Camaro Out-Sells Mustang, Cobalt and Several Automakers in November

Report: Chevy Camaro Out-Sells Mustang, Cobalt and Several Automakers in November

The month of November marks six consecutive months that the Chevrolet Camaro has outsold the Ford Mustang, but the Camaro’s sales success reaches beyond the realm of sports cars. In fact, the Camaro seems to be gaining a lot of fans among mainstream buyers as the muscle car’s numbers surpass those of entire automakers and even push past some of GM’s popular products.

In November, Chevy sold 6,827 Camaros, bringing the cars sales tally to 54,100 units. In comparison, Ford managed to sell just 3,627 Mustangs and Dodge moved just 2,040 Challengers. Chevy is even making big profits on the car as roughly two-thirds of all Camaros sold are the pricier V8-powered SS models, which Chevy says cost about the same to produce as their V6 brethren.

What comes as a shock is that in the month of November, Chevy sold more Camaros than Cobalts – a vehicle that should be one of the brand’s highest volume models, but moved just 5,112 units.

More impressive yet is that in November Camaro sales topped the entire lineup of vehicles sold from companies like Audi, Mitsubishi, Lincoln, Volvo, Porsche, Smart, as well as those from GM rejects Hummer, Saab and Saturn.

The data seems to suggest that the car has plenty of mainstream appeal, although there are some worries at GM that the ride is already over. The impressive sale of 6,827 units in November is down 17 percent from the 8,082 Camaros sold in October. Winter weather is also likely to be a big factor in reducing sales of the RWD sports car.

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