Report: Gemballa Unveils Seriously Star Wars MIG-UI Enzo

Report: Gemballa Unveils Seriously Star Wars MIG-UI Enzo

It seems like only yesterday that Ferrari unveiled the Enzo as the pinnacle of all that an automobile could stand for and achieve. It was thought untouchable, both in terms of competition and modification. Oh how times have changed.

Dedicated Porsche tuner Gemballa has decided to try its hand at the ultra-exclusive world of Ferrari tuning, and we have the first images of what is known as the MIG-UI Enzo. The car was built for brothers Mustafa and Illyas Galadari of The Illyas and Mustafa Galadari Group – Gemballa’s Middle East distributor. The Gemballa Enzo is named after the brothers, with Mustafa’s name coming first because he donated his personal Enzo to the project.

We have to say the Star Wars-inspired body is definitely extreme (just how they like it in Dubai). Inside the cockpit gets a luxurious overhaul, a significant upgrade from the Enzo’s basic factory equipment. The car is scheudeld to be officially unverield at a private event in Dubai and hopefully then we’ll have some info on what (if any) modifications were made to the 6.0-liter V12 engine. Normally we’d say such a powerplant is untouchable, but there is the lone example of of the Edo Competition/ZR Auto Enzo, which is powered by an 840-hp FXX motor.

GALLERY: Gemballa MIG-UI Enzo


[Source: BespokeVentures]