Report: Honda Gives Green Light to Second Generation Element

Report: Honda Gives Green Light to Second Generation Element

The Element, the ugly duckling of the Honda lineup, will live on for a second generation. According to a report by Automotive News, Honda VP John Mendel has confirmed that despite the car’s underachieving sales numbers there are good reasons to introduce a modernized version of the functional box.

The largest argument for keeping the Element around is that it attracts a certain type of customer to Honda dealerships that wouldn’t otherwise be interested in a Honda. Surprisingly, despite the fact that the Element shares its platform with the high-volume CR-V, almost no one cross-shops the two. Element owners also tend to be a loyal bunch, so presumably Honda is hoping to move original owners into a new model.

For the most part, many had assume the Element was slated for the scrap heap of history after its seven year production cycle (two longer than the average) hadn’t produced a single second generation concept.

Originally Honda had targeted the Element at 75,000 units sold on an annual basis. This year it is on track for just 15,000.

There is no word on when the second generation Element could arrive, although it could be as early as the 2011 model year.

[Source: Automotive News via Autoblog]

  • Karen Elliott

    Good decision! I wanted an Element for years to carry my Goldens to do field work and trials. Finally got a 2010 EX and love it! Element owners are indeed a unique group that do outdoorsy type activities and want a practicle vehicle for their interests and hobbies.

  • David

    One of the underrated features of the Element is is versatility and convenience for the handicapped. I have looked at all the van’s that are available but the Element is really the best. I can fold my wheelchair and it fits between the front seats and back seats standing up! My CCI service dog can go in the back of the Element! And, if the day should come when I need a power chair and the use of of ramp their are plenty of companies that make conversions for the Element. Most of the major conversion company recommend the Element. Maybe someone from Honda will get the message that the Element should be advertised as not only dog friendly by handicapped friendly!
    David and my CCI service dog Shawn

  • Don Mc

    Glad to hear Honda will continue with the Element. I had a black (all shiny panels) 2006 then bought a silver 2009 SC. Previously had 2 CRV’s…I do hope they continue with the SC sport model (love the 18″ wheels)….it looks so much better than the original ugly duckling! It sure is a versatile, unique vehicle for those who want something “different”

  • fij

    They haven’t redesigned the exterior of the car in 10 year except paneling, and electronic features. Its time to keep up with the times element.
    People weren’t buy the latest one because you can buy a 2008 version, and get what a 2011 version has.

  • Tara West

    Yipee!! I plan to add a second element to the family in the future. I’ll get the new one. My daughter can drive the 2005.

  • Julie

    Hey, how about a hybrid element?! I’d turn in my 2003 element for a hybrid element in a heart beat!

  • Jack