Report: Kia Borrego a One Year Wonder

Report: Kia Borrego a One Year Wonder

With just 10,000 units sold since its introduction to the market late last year, Kia has decided to discontinue its Borrego full-sized SUV in North America. Kia had hoped to sell roughly double that, but with a launch during a spike in the price of fuel and an overall market shift away from SUVs and towards car-based crossovers, the Borrego proved just a one year wonder.

Kia still has the Borrego listed on its consumer website, but as a 2009 model as there is likely a small stockpile of the underselling vehicles still available.

The vehicle isn’t being discontinued entirely and Kia will still the Borrego in other markets, like in the domestic Korean market where (sold as the Mohave) sales have been better. There is even the chance that the Borrego could return in 2011 as Kia considers the SUVs future.

AutoGuide’s review of the 2009 Kia Borrego had plenty of nice things to say about the SUV but couldn’t get past the fact that it was, “A serious case of really bad timing.”

2009 Kia Borrego Review

[Source: TheCarConnection]

  • Casey Verdant

    This is terrible news! The Kia Borrego FCEV is a great hydrogen vehicle: with the fuel cell stack and electric motor combined power of 225 kW. It’s a shame it won’t hit the market!

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