Report: Toyota Planning Striped-Down and Beefed-Up FT-86 Track Version

Report: Toyota Planning Striped-Down and Beefed-Up FT-86 Track Version

Toyota built the FT-86 Concept to re-energize the brand’s image and it seems to have done just that, with young auto enthusiasts the world over itching to get their hands on the production version of this entry-level rear-drive sports car. Company press releases have boasted about the car’s handling capabilities and now it seems Toyota is planning to build the car’s reputation in the best possible way, through motorsports.

Now it’s not Toyota that will be running a professionally trained team in a big motorsports event, but rather the Japanese automaker’s hope that owners of the car will want to take it to the track.

According to a report in EVO magazine, Toyota will offer a stripped down version of the FT-86 with stiffer springs and larger brakes. It’s unlikely that this will be a track-only clubsport model, but rather a street-legal version along the lines of Hyundai’s new R-Spec trim of the Genesis Coupe.

We can’t wait!

[Source: EVO via FT86Club]

  • FT86 fan

    is this about the G Sports version? AS this an old article, it should be the G Sports, but it cannot be cheaper, as it is turbocharged ..


    please build this beautifull vehicle great lines on this fantastic car and i will order the first one.


    build this car

  • William L. Palminteri

    Finally !! Thank heavens someone (Toyota/Subaru) is stepping up to the plate to break the mind numbing spell of hideous blobmobiles that have been the “trend” for the past two decades !! I’ve been driving my 1990 Nissan 240 SX now for two decades, with nothing on the horizon except this car. Not a minute too soon for those of us who actually DRIVE cars rather than just commute.
    wiliam L. Palminteri